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Thpa s.a. hereby announces, in accordance with Article 279 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange, that according to the resolution of its shareholders Ordinary General Meeting of June 15, 2007, the dividend for the financial year 2006 amounts to 0.20 euros per share.


Beneficiaries of the above dividend are the company's shareholders upon the July 19, 2007 close of business at the Athens Stock Exchange. The ex-dividend date was set for Friday July 20, 2007. Consequently, as from that date, the company's shares will be negotiated at the Athens Stock Exchange with no right to dividend for 2006. The payment of dividends will be carried out as from July 30, 2007 by the contracting Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, as follows:


1. Through the operators of the Dematerialised Securities System, in accordance with articles 329 of the Regulation of the Athens Stock Exchange and 39 of the CSD Regulation.


2. Through the branch network of Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias, for the shareholders who have requested exception from their DSS operator.


3. For those of the shareholders who, for various reasons, cannot be credited through their operators, dividend payment can be received in person or through their legal representatives from Bank EFG EUROBANK Ergasias throughout its branch network upon presenting their official identity card authenticated by a State Authority and stating the printout of their DSS investment profile code number. 


Dividends not claimed within five (5) years, lapse in favour of the Greek State.


For more information, shareholders are kindly requested to contact the Companys Shareholders Department (+30 2310593134, +30 2310593128).  

The Company announces  that during its shareholders Ordinary General Meeting held on 15.6.2007 with the presentation of seven (7)  shareholders, who represented 7.676.366  stocs of the total amount of 10.080.000 stocs, with the quota of 76,154423 %,all the following resolutions were taken with the quorum of   76,154423 %:


 1)Approval of the annual financial statements for the 7th financial year (1.1.2006 to 31.12.2006), along with the Board of Directors and auditors reports.


2)Approval of the allocation of available earnings, as proposed by the company's Board of Directors and featured in the published Balance Sheet as of 31.12.2006 and of a 0.20 € dividend  per share.


The ex-dividend date was set for 20.7.2007 and the dividend payment will be made as from 30.7.2007.


The dividend beneficiaries are the company's shareholders upon the July 19, 2007 close of business at the Athens Stock Exchange.

As from Friday 20 July 2007, the company's share will be negotiated at the Athens Stock Exchange without right to dividend for 2006. Shareholders may receive their dividend from any branch of EFG EUROBANK Ergasias starting Monday 30 July 2007, upon presenting their official identity card.

The dividend of shareholders who have designated EFG EUROBANK Ergasias as their account operator at the Dematerialised Securities System (SAT) will be credited to their accounts on Monday 30 July 2007.

3)Approval of the release of the members of the Board of Directors and of the Auditors from any liability for the activities of the management period from 1.1.2006 to 31.12.2006.


4)Assignment of the audit of the 8th financial year (1.1.2007 - 31.12.2007) to the auditing company B.D.O. Protypos Elegtiki S.A. and they were appointed: Margarita konstantia Vasiliadou Licence Number 12861, Andreas Tsamakis Licence Number 17101 as chartered auditors and: Georgios Batsoulis Licence Number 14001 and Grigorios Koutras Licence Number 13601 as deputy auditors.


5)Approval of the members of the Board of Directors remuneration for the year 2006 up until now, and pre-approval of the remunerations-compensations to be paid the next financial year.


There were no announcements during the Ordinary General Meeting. 

The Board of Directors of the Limited Company with the corporate name "ORGANISMOS LIMENOS THESSALONIKIS ANONYMI ETERIA [THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY S.A." trading as THPA S.A. (LC Reg. No 42807/06/B/99/30), with registered offices in Thessaloniki,

hereby invites

its Shareholders by virtue of L. 2190/1920 on Limited Companies, as currently in force, and of the Company's Memorandum of Association to the Ordinary General Meeting that will take place on Friday 15th June 2007, at 13:00 p.m. in Thessaloniki, at Warehouse D, 1st Port Pier, on the following Agenda items :


  • Submission and Approval of the Annual Financial Statements of the Company for the 7th fiscal year (01.01.2006 to 31.12.2006)
  • Appropriation of Annual Earnings and decision on the distribution of dividends to the Company shareholders
  • Release of the Board of Directors members and of the Certified Auditors from any and all liability as regards the proceedings of the Company's 7th fiscal year
  • Appointment of Certified Auditors for the fiscal year 2007 and approval of their fees
  • Approval of the fees - remunerations paid to BoD members during the fiscal year 2006 and approval of fees remunerations that will be paid in the next fiscal year.
  • Various announcements. 

All shareholders of the Company have the right to participate in the meeting, either in person or by proxy. Each share gives right to one vote.


In order for the shareholders to participate in the General Meeting, they are required to :

  • Block all or part of their shares through their operator in the Intangible Titles System (ITS) or, in the event the said shares are placed in the ITS Special Account, through the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.(Central Securities Depository S.A.)
  • Submit to the Company (Public Relations, Investor Relations, Company Announcements and Investor Service Department, 1st Port Pier, tel. +2310 593-134 & 2310 593-128) the respective certificate of blocked shares at least five (5) days before the General Meeting date.

The power of representation instruments should be submitted to the Company within the same deadline.

Thessaloniki 8th May 2007


Within the context of OLTH S.A.’s obligation to inform the corporate planners, before the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders, a presentation to the corporate planners was made on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, at 16.00p.m., at the conference room of the company’s Board of Directors, Pier A’ of the Port of Thessaloniki, by the company’s managers, Mr. A. Grigoriadis, General Manager of Port Operations, and Mrs. A. Voska, General Manager of Administration and Finance.


During the presentation, a reference was made to the company’s activities, to the strategic position of the Port and its comparative advantages compared to the ports of the Balkans and of the European Union, to the designed and under-materialization investments of the company, as well as to the statistic elements and financial data of OLTH S.A, which are evaluated as satisfactory for the fiscal year 2006, taking into account the unexpected events that took place at the end of the fiscal year, i.e. the mobilization of the employees during the last bimester of 2006, due to the procedures related to the investigation of the possibility to cede the Container Terminal to private suppliers of port services.


As regards fiscal year 2007, the forecasts of the company are particularly positive. 

Presentation of the company's financial results to analysts on May 16, 2007, at the Company's Board of Directors conference room at the Pier 1.