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A Port of Culture and Communication 
Adopting a modern approach and enhancing the relation between the port and the city, Thessaloniki P.A. S.A. disposes of premises to host multipurpose activities. A series of warehouses on the 1st pier have been internally rearranged to host modern multipurpose uses (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, film projections and reception halls), while preserving intact their traditional architecture.

The following units are leased:

  1. Warehouse 8: Area 1000sq.m. (ground floor) Cost: Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 1€ per sq.m. / Monday - Thursday: 0.77€ per sq.m. / day
  2. Outdoor Spaces: Pier A (minimum leased surface 500 sq.m.) Cost: 1€/sq.m./day. Outside Pier A (minimum leased surface 1000 sq.m.) Cost: 0.60€/sq.m./day
  3. St. Nicholas Church and court Cost: 300€

Prices above do not include V.A.T.


Department of Sites Exploitation
Director: Maria Papadopoulou 

Tel: 2310 593 190-189
Fax: 2310 593 264
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