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Intermodal Rail Services

ThPA S.A. – Port of Thessaloniki offers direct railway connection between the Port of Thessaloniki and the Company's Dry Port in Sofia (Bulgaria) meeting the market needs for efficient high-end services that create growth opportunities. Additionally, from August 2022, ThPA S.A. offers direct rail connection between the Port of Thessaloniki and Nis (Serbia).

Intermodal high-speed transports in just 10 hours

With three weekly itineraries on fixed days and times from Thessaloniki to Sofia and vice versa, extra itineraries by customers’ request, efficient transit times (10 hours) and costs, ThPA S.A. partners enjoy the benefits of a flexible and reliable intermodal transport solution (sea, rail and road) that is environmentally friendly with reduced CO2 emissions.

Discover the benefits of Intermodal Transport

The reliability of ThPA S.A. network is guaranteed by the close cooperation with the leading railway transport providers that allows the connection of Thessaloniki with Sofia and the Bulgarian market with door-to-door services connecting the container and cargo to the final delivery point. At the same time, ThPA S.A. has the appropriate experience and knowledge and the most advanced infrastructure to monitor in real time and inform its partners about the expected delivery time and/or any changes.

ThPA S.A. offers the possibility of transporting all types of containers and conventional wagons, with trains whose capacity exceeds 1.200 tons. Therefore, whether it is a single container or a bulk cargo, the focus remains on the best service and routing of the shipment with the greenest route of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T, Orient East Med Corridor).

Temporary Customs Storage Service in Sofia Dry Port

ThPA S.A. focusing on the provision of innovative, high-end services, offers from July 2021, a new Temporary Customs Storage service in the Sofia Dry Port.

The new service includes a wide range of cargo handling services, including the handling of import and export cargo from non-EU countries as well as other customs unions such as China, India, the Far East, the Americas, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, etc.

The use of the temporary storage service reduces the transport costs for the import and export companies and expands the cargo handling beyond Dry Port in Sofia and Port Terminals.

The Sofia Dry Port is licensed to provide storage and handling services for cargoes that are subject to customs regulations and on-site inspections and inspections within the Dry Port so that cargo is routed from the Dry Port to the Port and vice versa without delays, as loading is carried out with supervision of customs authorities. ThPA S.A. through the Sofia Dry Port is offering a full range of “Off Docking” services creating added value to all shipping lines and shipping agents.

The team of ThPA S.A. is always at your disposal to provide detailed information and custom-made solutions, tailored to the needs of your business while remaining committed to building and improving the services that seamlessly connect the Port of Thessaloniki with the Sofia Dry Port.

For more information do not hesitate to contact ThPA S.A. Customer Service either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +30 2310 593 379 and +30 2310 593 314.

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