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Within the framework of the development and exploitation of its estate, in addition to the exploitation of the warehouses, THPA S.A. has created and is successfully operating two outdoor parking areas with a total capacity of 595 vehicle parking spaces. The parking areas are located close to the city center and assist greatly with the city's traffic problem while upgrading the quality of life of its inhabitants.
The company, in cooperation with the competent institutions, is examining the further and more systematic development, exploitation and integration of the port's property, in the everyday life of Thessaloniki. The company's aim is for the development and exploitation of such sites, to take place in a way that is respectful to the environment and with the most beneficial effect on the inhabitants and the city. The operation of car parks close to the Passenger Terminal on Salaminas Street, facilitates immensely the specific area's traffic problem.

Passenger Terminal Parking

The parking area across the passenger terminal (245 parking spaces) operates 24hrs.

Information: Contact Telephone: 2310 593 181

The entrance of the open-air parking area is on Axiou Street, at a distance of 50 meters from the Port's Central Gate. This choice of location has the purpose of avoiding traffic congestion at the Central Gate and on Kountourioti and Nikis Streets, while it simultaneously facilitates the users of the port and the city in general. 
Hourly charge Monday-Saturday 06:30-21:00:
  • 2.00€ per hour for the 1st and 2nd hour
  • 1.50€ per hour for the 3rd and 4th hour
  • 1.00€ per hour each additional hour
  • Minimum charge 2.00€

Hourly charge Monday-Saturday (night) - 21:00-06:30:

  • 2.00€  for the 1st  hour
  • 1.00€ per hour each additional hour
  • Maximum charge 5.00€

Sunday and Bank Holidays - All day (06:30-06:30 next day)

  • 1.00€ per hour
  • Maximum charge 5.00€
  • Sundays with open shops charge as weekdays

All prices are inclusive of V.A.T.

Gate No 6 Parking
The parking area next to gate No 6 (350 parking spaces), operates on the following days and hours:
Days Hours
Monday-Thursday 07.30-22.00
Friday 24hrs
Saturday 24hrs (until 07:30 am Sunday)
Sunday – Holidays Closed
Monthly/Yearly card 24 hrs
Summer timetable (until 15/09/2022)
Days Hours
Monday - Thursday 06.00-23.00
Friday - Saturday 24hrs
Sundays & holidays Until 23.00
Monthly/Yearly card 24 hrs
Information: Contact telephone: 2310 593 500 
Hourly charge:
  • 1.30€ per hour for the first ten (10) hours
  • 0.50€ per hour for the hours following the tenth (10) hour
  • minimum charge 1.30€
  • Special charge: Friday &Saturday night 21:00 - 07:30 - 1.00€/hour, 5.00€ maximum charge
Monthly charge: 90.00€
Yearly charge: 900.00€

All the above prices are V.A.T. inclusive