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The passenger port of Thessaloniki is located between Piers 1 and 2 and has a quay of a total length of 400m with a depth of 8m. The quay has 4 positions, for stern berthing and 1 for berthing alongside the pier or alternatively, 3 for berthing alongside the pier, (for the provision of services to cruise ships mainly). Vessels with a draught of up to 9m can berth alongside the pier with the installation of a special construction. of 200 m max.) if berthing alongside the pier.

The port basin provides sufficient space and depth for cruise ship maneuvering and is well protected by a wave-breaker, from the weather conditions (winds, waves, etc.), while providing for the safe harboring of ships.

Passenger traffic is facilitated by a modern, cruise-passenger terminal located near (500m) the city center.

The "Macedonia" cruise passenger terminal that operates on a 24hour-7days/week basis, is hosted on the ground section of a renovated neoclassical building and services passengers of passenger-ships and ferryboats, flying dolphins and cruise-ships.

Its high specifications and modern facilities meet the requirements of the Schengen treaty and the ISPS code. The terminal includes Duty Free shops, an Info kiosk and Wireless Access Points that contribute to the creation of a friendly environment and to the provision of high-quality services to all passengers.

Furthermore, the port of Thessaloniki is at a 16km distance from the International "Macedonia" Airport and a mere kilometer from the Passenger Railway Station.

See here views of the Passenger Terminal

  1. View before the main gate of the port
  2. View through the main gate of the port
  3. View in front of the Passenger Terminal
  4. View in front of the Passenger Terminal


The port of Thessaloniki is a gateway to the broader area of Northern Greece and the Balkan peninsula. Thessaloniki and also its peripheral area, (Dion, Pella, Vergina), constitute points of special tourist interest, adorned by monuments from various historical periods (Ancient Greece, Roman Period, Byzantium). Mount Athos with its monastic community that goes back more than 1000 years, is considered a unique monument worldwide. Chalkidiki and Pieria with their indescribable beauty and the turquoise beaches are incomparable tourist attractions.

The city of Thessaloniki, capital of the Prefecture of Macedonia, is a modern, European multi-cultural city in the center of Northern Greece and the second-largest city in the country. It has a population of one million inhabitants and is the second most important financial, industrial and political center in Greece as well as a significant traffic hub for the rest of Southeastern Europe.

Today, Thessaloniki with its own unique ambience, is a blend of western civilization with eastern influences, and it offers its guests unique experiences. Offering its natural beauty and endless emerald-green beaches at a less than an hour distance. Providing an exciting journey through art and culture with its museums, galleries and unique monuments. Furthermore, Thessaloniki is well known for its intense nightlife and is considered the gastronomical capital of the country, with famous restaurants and many local, specialty dishes.

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