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General Conditions Container Terminal, valid from 24/02/2023 [pdf]

New Charges Tariffs Container Terminal, valid from 01/10/2021 [pdf]

Vessel Fees [pdf]

New Tariffs for the Conventional Port, valid from 01/06/2022 [pdf]

New General Terms & Conditions for the Conventional Port, valid from 12/04/2021 [pdf]

Tarrifs for car parking areas [pdf]

Tariffs for Entry - parking permits, valid from 01/05/2021 [pdf]

Tariffs for use of areas [pdf]

Tariffs for Passenger & Cruise Terminal [pdf]

Tariffs for Water & Power supply, Telephone & Network connections

  • Current - valid until 30/04/2022 [pdf]
  • New - valid from 01/05/2022 [pdf]
    The modification of the tariff is attributable exclusively to the need to adapt to the extraordinary and temporary circumstances of increased volatility on the energy market. The new charges will apply from 01/05/2022.