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Th.P.A. S.A. shall neither sell, rent or by any means share or distribute, in any situation, personal data to third parties, nor process sensitive personal information without your written concent.

ThPA S.A. is committed to protecting the information you provide us and to develop and deploy all necessary technologies in order to offer you secure connections wherever this may be necessary; to take all necessary administrative and technical measures to secure all information and protect it from accidental loss, vitiation, forbidden diffusion or access and any other type of unlawful processing. We are also committed to select personnel with appropriate proffessional qualifications in order to provide sufficient guarantee, with regard to technical expertise and personal integrity, for the observance of the confidentiality. All information collected about you are used for processing your on-line applications and for providing better customer services during your connections. Below you will find more details about our privacy policy.

Gathering and using Information
ThPA S.A. is the sole owner of the data we gather at this Web Site. We will never rent, sell, share or distribute this data in any ways other that those explicitly stated on this page. It should be noted that the information we keep are based on the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer or that of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you are on a dynamic IP connection. The information we collect are: The IP address and Domain Name of your computer, the pages this IP visited within this Web Site, the time spent on each page and the amount of data exchanged during each connection.

A cookie is a simple parameter file that is stored in the visitor's hard disk and includes selected information regarding this user's visits to a Web Site. The cookie may consist of preferences such as language settings, username, or similar data, which would otherwise require frequent reentries. The use of a cookie cannot, in any way, lead to the disclosure of personal information while connected to our Site. Most cookies are automatically deleted when you exit your browser (session cookies). Cookies may be disabled from your browser's settings but this may inhibit certain secondary site functionalities and the user will be requested to frequently submit the same data. At the moment ThPA S.A. does not use cookies, although it is very probable that it will do so in the near future. When this happens we will describe, in detail, what the cookie does and how you can confirm this.

Log Files
We store and use IP addresses to recognise trends in our Web Site usage, to better utilise our computer and network resources and to monitor malicious or illegal actions (attacks) and for the collection of general demographic information (country of origin). IP addresses are not related to personal data.

For reasons such as the improvement of our services' customer relations and the sustension of high quality services we accept and store certain types of information such as email addresses, fax numbers and mail addresses each time you initiate a communication with us. All of the aforementioned commitments apply to this type of information as well. Disclosure of Information pertaining Legal Actions In the event that Th.P.A. S.A. has strong indication that a User of its services is causing damage or is interfering with the rights and assets of ThPA S.A. we reserve the right to resort to any and all necessary legal actions. For more information please read the Usage Terms and Conditions carefully. In the event of Legal Actions we have the right to disclose user information in order to expedite the procedures.

The Internet as any other means used for the dissemination of information cannot be 100% secure. Security over the Internet is a very sensitive subject and relies on credible organisations and businesses that respect the confidentiality and security of their users. Th.P.A. S.A. utilises the most modern standards for the encryption of information for all transactions including sensitive data (128-bit encryption, SSL, Firewall, Agent Monitoring, digital signatures and others). Notification on Modifications In the event that ThPA S.A. modifies its confidentiality policy, we will publish all changes on our Web Site for your review. Our Web Site users will always be aware of all information collected, the way it is used and the terms, if any, under which we can disclose such data. If, at any time, we decide to use personal information for any other reason than the one it was disclosed for, we will contact the originator via email (or other means). The decision on whether your personal data will then be used for this other reason is reserved by the user/visitor.

This Web Site contains links to other sites. Please note that ThPA S.A. is not responsible for the confidentiality practices of these other sites. This Confidentiality Statement is valid solely for information collected by Th.P.A. S.A.