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Announcement for change in the BoD composition [pdf]

Financial results for the period 1/1/2022 – 30/06/2022 [pdf]

A unit of the Regulatory Authority for Ports visited the headquarters of ThPA S.A. in Thessaloniki, where a working meeting between the two sides was held on September 10, 2022. 

The meeting took place in a very good atmosphere, affirming the excellent and highly active cooperation between the regulatory authority and the company. Mr. Thanos Liagkos, Executive Chairman & Managing Director and other executives of ThPA S.A. participated in the working meeting, while the Regulatory Authority for Ports was represented by Messrs. Apostolos Papapostolou, President, Nikolaos Attaliotis, Vice President, Panagiotis Agourogiannis, Rapporteur, and Paraskevas Skiadopoulos, Special Associate to the President. 

During the meeting, the leadership of the Regulatory Authority for Ports were informed about ThPA S.A.'s activities, the implementation of the company’s investment plan, the progress of infrastructure development projects, ThPA S.A.'s equipment modernization program, and the company's initiatives for the upgrade of the services provided in the Port of Thessaloniki. 

Additionally, the discussions between the sides focused on issues of mutual interest, such as the current business, regulatory and legislative developments, the relations of ThPA S.A. with the user of the Port of Thessaloniki and other stakeholders etc.

In this framework, Mr. Apostolos Papapostolou, President of the Regulatory Authority for Ports, said: "At the Regulatory Authority for Ports, we are giving emphasis to initiatives and activities that strengthen the Greek port system and upgrade its role, both at a national, and at an international level. On this basis, we are pleased by the outcome of our discussions with ThPA S.A., as it is clear that key projects that enhance the competitiveness of the Port of Thessaloniki - the main gateway for trade in Northern Greece and the broader region of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe - are advancing." 

Mr. Thanos Liagkos, Executive Chairman & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., commented: “At ThPA S.A., we are implementing a multifaceted business and investment plan, with a view towards the generation of added value for the economy and society. In this framework, our cooperation with the Regulatory Authority for Ports, as well as with other State bodies and organizations, plays a significant role to this direction. Therefore, we are pleased to have hosted the leadership of the Regulatory Authority for Ports in ThPA S.A.'s facilities, in order to discuss about important current and future developments. On our side, we remain committed to the principles of cooperation and constructive dialogue.”  

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A delegation of RRNM Transport JSC Skopje executives visited the Port of Thessaloniki and met with ThPA S.A. counterparts, last week. RRNM Transport JSC Skopje is the railway operator of North Macedonia and cooperates with ThPA S.A., in the framework of the recently launched on August 17th, direct rail connection between the Port of Thessaloniki, the main gateway for trade in the broader region of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe, and Nis in Serbia. 

The discussions between both sides focused on issues related to their ongoing and future cooperation, including the operational efficiency of railway connection, the assurance of high level and quality services etc.,.

In joint statements after their meeting, Mr. Athanasios Liagkos, Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., and Mr. Majan Vejseli, President of Managing Board and Director General of RRNM Transport JSC Skopje, expressed their satisfaction for the two sides' cooperation, which is characterized by significant prospects and paves the way for the leveraging of new opportunities, in favor of their business partners and social stakeholders.

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The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis inaugurated today the two New Panamax specially designed STS Cranes of ThPA S.A. In a symbolic ceremony held at Pier 6 of the Port of Thessaloniki in the presence of company executives and the Media, Mr. Plakiotakis gave the signal for the official start of the operation of the cranes and the loading of containers on a docked ship.

The new equipment provides the ability to directly serve main liner vessels of up to 14,000 TEU (New Panamax), contributing significantly to the attraction of new lines. With the supply of the new equipment, with a total value of €15.7 million, more than 80% of ThPA S.A.’s Mandatory Investments in mechanical equipment was completed. In addition, the production capacity of the Container Terminal is significantly upgraded and the international competitiveness of the Port as well as the role of Thessaloniki as the main gateway for international trade activities for the wider region of the Balkans, Southeast, Central and Eastern Europe is further strengthened.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, hailed the commencement of the operation of the new cranes, by highlighting: "Strengthening the position of Greek ports in the trans-European transport networks is a priority for the Ministry. The investments that ThPA S.A. is implementing in new mechanical equipment are in line with this direction, as they strengthen the position of the Port of Thessaloniki in the international port scene. Therefore, a little before the opening of the 86th TIF, I am pleased to be present at a particularly important event for the port, which is a key enabler for the development of the city and the wider region."

The Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, stated: “At ThPA S.A., we implement a comprehensive investment plan, which focuses on our company's role as a gateway to growth. The upgrading of our equipment and infrastructure is an integral part of this plan. This way, we create significant added value for the local and the national economy, as well as for all our business and social stakeholders”.


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ThPA S.A. launched a new regular service with block trains between Thessaloniki and Niš, Serbia. The first block-train carrying containers from CMA CGM S.A., a French container transport company pioneering in the shipping and logistics sector, departed from the Container Terminal of ThPA S.A. on the morning of Wednesday, August 17th and arrived at the Mbox terminal in Niš on the same day at a transit time of just 16 hours.

The service was made possible as the result of the cooperation between ThPA S.A. and the Greek-Northern Macedonia-Serbia railway companies, namely Hellenic Train S.A., MZ Transport A.D., Kombinovani Prevoz D.O.O. respectively and 9 other private and public entities.

The Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos stated that "ThPA S.A. is consistently implementing its development strategy and investment plan with emphasis on upgrading the infrastructure and equipment of the Port, while improving the rail connection of the Port of Thessaloniki with the bordering countries. ThPA S.A. is evolving into a port of international significance, capable of receiving direct calls of ships of main lines connecting Southeastern, Central, Eastern Europe and the Balkans with the rest of the world, offering added value and growth opportunities to all our partners".

From September 2022, trains will depart from both Thessaloniki and Niš every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving on the same day at their respective destinations. ThPA S.A. is ready to increase the frequency of the services, accommodating our partners’ demands in the dynamically growing Serbia.

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