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“Thessaloniki Port Authority SA”, by decision of the Board of Directors of 30.12.2019, announces the approval of the Call for Expression of Interest for the participation in the 1st stage - Prequalification of the Tender Procedure to select a Contractor for the Project entitled “Expansion of the Marine Works Infrastructure of Pier 6”.

After the completion of the 1st Stage evaluation, within Q1 2020, it is expected that ThPA SA will transmit to the Prequalified Candidates the Call for binding financial bids for the 2nd Stage of the Tender Procedure regarding the execution and completion of the entire of the Project: “Expansion of the Marine Works Infrastructure of Pier 6”.

This Project is the most important part of the Obligatory Investments undertaken by ThPA SA, according to the Concession Agreement with the Hellenic Republic.

Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A., pursuant to the provisions of paragraph of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation and article 17 paragraph 1 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, announces that the Τax Audit for the tax year 2018 was completed by the Independent Statutory Auditors, in accordance with article 65A paragraph 1 of L.4174/2013, as amended by L.4410/2016 and the decision POL1124/2015, and the Tax Compliance Report was also received without qualifications.

"Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A." announces that Mrs. Katerina I. Themeli, hereinafter is assigned as Director of Human Resources, in place of Mrs. Eleftheria Vassilaki.

Financial results for the period 01.01.2019 - 30.06.2019 [pdf]

“Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.” announces the voting results during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders that was held on 29th August 2019 in Thessaloniki, at the hotel “Makedonia Palace”. The General Meeting was attended in conformity by 14 shareholders, attending either in person or by proxy and representing 7,949,543 shares, i.e. 78.8645% of the Company’s paid-up share capital and through open voting, the following items were discussed and decided:

  1. Approved the reduction of the number of independent members of the Board of Directors from three (3) to two (2) members and elected Panagiotis Michalopoulos and Mr. Panagiotis Alevras.

The voting results on the 1st item were as follows:

  • Number of shares for which valid votes were given: 7,949,543 (78.8645% of the share capital with voting rights), out of which:
    • For: 7,921,655
    • Against: 27,888
  • Abstain: 0
  1. Approved the amendment of Article 12 of the Company’s Articles of Association regarding the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders. The “Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund” shall exercise its right to appoint its representative to the Audit Committee by a declaration to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders at the election of the members of the Audit Committee. Further, the General Meeting validated the election of the Members of the Audit Committee of “Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A” consisting of:
  1. Panagiotis Michalopoulos
  2. Panagiotis Alevras
  3. Angelos Vlachos


The voting results on the 2nd item were as follows:  

  • Number of shares for which valid votes were given: 7,949,543 (78.8645% of the share capital with voting rights), out of which:
    • For: 7,922,000
    • Against: 27,543
  • Abstain: 0
  1. Announcements

The Board of Directors did not make any announcements.

“Port Authority of Thessaloniki S.A.” (hereafter the “Port”) announces that on the 4/9/2019, a Contract has been signed, between the Port and the joint venture “HILL INTERNATIONAL N.V. –  ROGAN ASSOCIATES S.A.”, for the “Study update and Project Management for the expansion of the port infrastructure of Pier 6”, a Project that is part of the Mandatory Investments of total cost of € 180mil., as those are undertaken by the Port.

The said Contract has a duration of 46 months, while the joint venture will provide, under the supervision and final approval of the Port, the below services:

a) Preparation and drafting of the Final Study Plan for the “Expansion of the port infrastructure of Pier 6”, including the bidding documents for the assignment for the construction of the Project.

b) Project Management and supervision of the construction of the said Project.