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Invitation for bid for the purchase of spare parts for a ship-to shore Gantry Crane. [pdf]

Tender for the award of the technical due diligence of the conventional cargo cranes [pdf]

Request for tender for the overhaul of (7) container port straddle carriers with option for up to (6) additional straddle carriers [zip]

Regulations and Charges Tariffs of the Port of Thessaloniki which will enter into force on the 1st of June 2019:

  • General Conditions Container Terminal [pdf]
  • Charges Tariffs Container Terminal [pdf]
  • Regulations & Charges Tariffs (except Container Terminal & Vessel Fees) [pdf]
  • Vessel Fees [pdf]



The new Tariff Book of the Container Terminal of the Port of Thessaloniki, which will be implemented as from 1st of June 2019 [pdf]

ThPA S.A., having observed an increased demand on works related to non-vessel activities and considering the fact that there is no relevant tariff provided in the Tariff provisions of the Regulations and Charges Tariff of ThPA S.A. thereof, informs customers that the following tariffs will apply, taking effect immediately, as follows:

  1. Lift off rail wagon to stacking yard and re-load onto truck/rail.
    EURO 250.00 per container
  2. Lift off truck to stacking yard and re-load onto rail.
    EURO 250.00 per container

Exception: Containers that return to the Port Free Zone empty, after being discharged from vessel at the port full and delivered by rail, will be charged as usual lift on – lift off service.

The aforementioned tariffs were added in the Tariff No. 5 CONTAINER LOADING/UNLOADING OPERATIONS Subpar. A, of the Tariff provisions of the Regulations and Charges Tariff of ThPA S.A following the BoD/ThPA S.A. Decision No. 7417/11.9.2018 and upon the Executive Committee’s Decision No. 25-2/22.11.2018.