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The visit of the new Consul General, Elizabeth K. Lee, took place today, 8 September 2020, at ThPA S.A. The General Consul was welcomed at the Company’s Administration building by the Executive Chairman of the BoD, Athanasios Liagkos, by the Managing Director - CEO, Franco Nicola Cupolo and by the Chief Investment Officer, Artur Davidian.

The members of the Management team of ThPA S.A. welcomed the Consul General in Thessaloniki and congratulated her on the new tasks. During the meeting, that took place in a very good spirit, the Consul General was informed about the activities of ThPA S.A. as well as the progress of the implementation of the investment plan of the company.

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The developing processes in order Port of Thessaloniki becomes the state-of-art Port in the Mediterranean, discussed today, during their meeting, the Deputy Ministry of Interior (Makedonia & Thrace), Theodoros Karaoglou and the Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos.

Mr. Liagkos presented to the Deputy Ministry the significant progress of the major infrastructure projects, as the expansion of Pier 6, the rail and road connection, which has been achieved in the last months. He also analyzed the basic strategic approaches of the new Management Team to establish the Port of Thessaloniki as the main gate for the South-East Europe and the implemented investment plan of the Company.

“We want to transform the Port of Thessaloniki aiming to generate exponential benefits for the local and national economy” Mr.Liagkos mentioned and he also thanked Mr.Karaoglou for the “unstinting support” of the Greek Government to the investment plan of the Port.

“Our goal is the Port of Thessaloniki be established as the contemporary Port of the Mediterranean area” the Deputy Ministry of Interior (Makedonia & Thrace) mentioned and he highlighted that the completion of the main infrastructure projects will give to the Port the necessary impetus "in order to reach the top soon, a position fully compatible with the dynamic and the history of the Port. I will stand as ally and supporter, in this effort, because we are interested for the development of the Port and the strengthening of its competitive position as well. The Deputy Ministry will fully support the Management Team of ThPA S.A., as the Port of Thessaloniki is a main driver of growth for our area”, Mr.Karaoglou added.


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TED 047/2020 - Call for open tender for the procurement of a transtainer function programmer [pdf]

Call for tender for the annual maintenance & repair of four elevators of THPA SA [pdf]

Subcontracting and Procurement Regulation of ThPA S.A [pdf]

General Personnel Regulation “THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY S.A.” - 21/08/2019 [pdf]