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In accordance with the provisions of paragraph of the Regulation of ASE and the article 10 par. 1 of the L.3340/2005, Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A, announces that the tax audit for the fiscal year 2015 has been completed by the Certified Chartered Auditors, pursuant to the provisions of article 65A par. 1 L.4174/2013. The auditors has issued   the relevant tax certificate without reservation. 


The Board of OLTH SA approved at 23/09/2016 the Financial Report for the period of 1/1/2016-30/06/2016.

The company’s turnover at the period of 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2016 amounted to 21.167.064 euro against 26.609.944 euro at the same period in 2015, recording a decrease of 20.45%, due to the continuous multi-day strike (May-June 2016), because of the imminent privatization of THPA SA.

  • Container Terminal handled 141.900 containers (TEU’s), recording a reduction of 15,83% compared to the same period of 2015. From the current statistics (July, August, September) shows a significant increase and it is estimated that at the end of 2016, the containers throughput, which is the main source of the company’s profitability, will be closed at the same level as last year.
  • The trafficking in conventional cargo, fell by 34.34% due to multi-day strike (May-June 2016) and to decrease the activity of the factories of a major customer of dry bulk carriers, but also in a long term interruption of rail connection to Skopia. There is a recovery in cargo throughput in September and it is estimated that the throughput of conventional cargo at the end of 2016, will end with a rate of -15%
  • The income from the exploitation of spaces increased by 5.03% due to more cultural and other events, that carried out in the port area, as a result of the continuous efforts of the company to the port connection with the city
  • The revenues from the passenger port increased by 1.31% due to the increase in cruise passengers and reopening the ferry connecting of the port with the North Sporades.
  • The Company successfully continued its policy of restricting costs which fell by 5,83%
  • Gross profit amounted to 9.198.348 euro, and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 43.46%
  • Operating profit (EBITDA) amounted to 10.325.503 euro, and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 48.78%
  • Earnings before taxes amounted to 8.961.938 euro and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 42,34%, while after-tax results amounted to 5.540.950 euro and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 26,18%

The Company despite the negative developments maintain high profitability indicators. Specifically, for the first half of 2016:

  • Gross profit amounted to 9.198.348 euro, and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 43.46%
  • Operating profit (EBITDA) amounted to 10.325.503 euro, and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 48.78%
  • Earnings before taxes amounted to 8.961.938 euro and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 42,34%, while after-tax results amounted to 5.540.950 euro and as a percentage of turnover amounting to 26,18%


ThPA SA, faced at the first half particularly adverse developments which had an impact on the revenues of the company. Note that during the 180 days of the first half of the year there were 32 consecutive days of strike (May-June) and an additional 4 week (April) abstention from working at the weekends and overtime. The demands of the trade unions for the strikes were associated with the impending privatization of the company.
Furthermore, the railway connection to Skopia remained closed over 67 days creating serious problems for bulk and general cargo and for about 20 days the road connection to Bulgaria remained closed making container transport impossible.
For these reasons mentioned above, the upward trend (+ 8%) in the throughput of containers in the first quarter (January to April) was decreased and the expected decline in the throughput of conventional cargo deteriorated.
In July, August, and September of 2016 most of the drop in containers throughput that took place in the first half of 2016 was recovered and at the end of 2016 it is estimated to reach 2015 levels. Similarly, the data selected in September indicate also a recovery to conventional cargo that would significantly compensate the drop of the first half.
THPA SA stood by the customers and collaborating with them has tried to reduce the impact of these developments.
The company has shown remarkable resilience in adverse conditions and maintained its high profitability in all indicators, while reduced the costs.
It is estimated from the available data of the second half of 2016, a significant recovery of cargo throughput and passenger movement and therefore recovery of both annual turnover and profitability.

Following the decision of the Continuation of the ThPA SA General Meeting  to be continued on 08.07.2016, for the election of the new members of the company's Board of Directors, the new members were elected. The new BoD at its meeting during the same day defined its executive and non executive members.

The members of the new Board of Directors are:

  1. Constantinos Mellios, President of BoD, non executive member
  2. Dimitrios Makris, Chief Executive Officer, executive member
  3. Dimitrios Routos VicePresident of BoD, independent non executive member
  4. Aggelos Vlaxos, non executive member
  5. Panagiotis Kardaras, non executive member
  6. Dimitrios Bikas, non executive member
  7. Georgios Tozidis, independent non executive member
  8. Lazaros Tantalidis, staff representative, non executive member
  9. Dimitrios Thiriou, representative of the Dockers, non executive member
  10. Georgios Dimarelos, representative of the Municipality of the Thessaloniki, independent non executive member
  11. Konstantinos Karoulis, representative of the Economic and Social Committee, independent non executive member

The General Meeting appointed as members of the Audit Committee of ThPA SA the following:

  • Dimitrios Routos
  • George Tozidis
  • George Dimarelos

Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces that on 8 July 2016 took place the continuation of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Warehouse D ' A' Pier of the port , for the discussion of the sixth item "Election of new Board members in replacement of resigned members ' whose discussion was postponed after the HRADF request  at the Annual General Meeting of THPA SA shareholders on 10.06.2016.

At the continuation of the Annual General Meeting of July 8, 2016 , was attended in conformity by 9 shareholders, attending either in person or by proxy and representing 7.946.966 shares, i.e. 78,8389% of the Company’s paid-up share capital and which after legal voting, discussed and discussed and approved:

  • the election of Mr. Aggelos Vlachos, Mr. Panagiotis Kardaras and Mr. Dimitrios Bikas as a new members of the Board of Directors - during the Board Meetings 6278 dated 01.07.15 and 6378 dated 23.10.15 - in replacement of the resigned members Mr. Alexandrou Chlorou, Mr Anastasiou Kardara and Mr George Lazaridi.
  • the appointment of Mr. Konstantinos Karoulis (Proxy of the Economic and Social Council) as independent non-executive member of the Board.  
  • the election as a new member of the Board Mr . Routos Dimitrios, term of office ends 12.5.2020
  • the appointment of Mr.Dimitriou Routou and Mr. George Tozidis as independent non-executive members of the Board.
  • the appointment of the members of the Audit Committee according to the provisions of L.3693 / 2008 as follows:
    • Dimitrio Routo, independent non-executive member
    • George Tozidi, independent non-executive member
    • George Dimarelos, independent non-executive member

The voting results on the 6th item were as follows:     
Number of shares for valid votes given 7.860.378 (77,9799% of the share capital with voting rights), out of which:

  • For: 7.509.594
  • Against: 350.784
  • Abstain: 86.588

The Continuation of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Thessaloniki Port Authority SA will be held on 08 July 2016 at the headquarters of the company in Warehouse D ' A' Pier of the port at 13:00.

The item on the agenda is the election of new Board members to replace members who resigned , which was getting postponed at the request of HRADF under Article 39 par. 3 of L.2190 / 1920.

The right to participate in the continuation of the General Meeting has any person appearing as a shareholder in the records of the company "Hellenic Central Securities Depository S.A. (HCSD)" at the record date 05/06/2016.

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Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces that, according to the Article of the Athens Exchange Regulation and following the decisions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 10th June 2016, the dividend for the financial year 2015 amounts to 0,58 Euros per share, which dividend is subject to 10% withholding tax, according to the Law 4172/2013 the net final amount payable will be 0,522 euros per share.

 Ex-dividend date was set for 18th July 2016. As from that date, the company's shares will be traded at the ASE without a dividend right.

Dividend beneficiaries "Record date" was set for 19th July2016. In accordance with the ATHEX rulebook, beneficiaries of the dividend are those investors who are registered in the DSS on the relevant "record date".

The dividend shall be paid on 22nd July2016 by EFG EUROBANK Ergasias bankS.A., as follows:

1. Through the Dematerialised Securities System Operators for those shareholders who have authorized their operators for the dividend payment.

2. For investors who do not wish to receive through their Operators by depositing the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), where the investor has indicated that it wishes to receive the distributed amounts.

3.Through the branch network of EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.Α., for the shareholders who have not authorized a DSS/SAT Operator or have requested an exception from their DSS/SAT Operator or for any reason, cannot be credited through their Operators, dividend payment can be received in person or through their legal representatives from EFG Eurobank Ergasias throughout its branch network upon presenting their ID card or a dully authenticated authorization in case of a proxy.

Dividends not collected within five years are written off in favour of the Greek State.

For additional information, shareholders may contact the company's Finance Investor Relations Department, (tel. 2310/593-320, Building of Technical Support, Gate 11 in the Port of Thessaloniki).