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Thessaloniki Port Authority SA announces the financial calendar for the year 2015 in accordance with articles 4.1.2  and of the Athens Exchange Rulebook:

  • Annual General Shareholders Meeting Wednesday, 22 April 2015.The decision on the 6th item of the meeting agenda- Recall of Board of Directors members and election of new members - was postponed for 13 May 2015.
  • Ex-dividend date Monday, 4 May 2015.
  • Dividend beneficiaries "Record date" Tuesday, 5 May 2015.
  • The dividend payment will start on Thursday, 7 May 2015.

 THPA SA reserves the right to change the above dates, following relevant notification to the public.

ThPA SA announces that the President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stylianos Aggeloudis was resigned on Wednesday  22nd of April 2015 during the company’s General Meeting. His resignation was accepted by the General Meeting of the Sahreholders. According to Articles 10 and 14 of the company’s articles of Association, as President and CEO acts the Vice President Mr. Konstnantinos Papaioannou.

Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces that, according to the Article of the Athens Exchange Regulation and following the decisions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders   on 22  April 2015, the dividend for the financial year 2014 amounts to 1.95 Euros per share, which dividend is subject to 10% withholding tax,  according to the Law 4110/2013 the net final amount payable will be 1.755 euros per share.

Ex-dividend date was set for 4th May 2015. As from that date, the company's shares will be traded at the ASE without a dividend right.

Dividend beneficiaries "Record date" was set for 5th May  2015. In accordance with the ATHEX rulebook, beneficiaries of the dividend are those investors who are registered in the DSS on the relevant "record date".

The dividend shall be paid on 7nd May  2015 by EFG EUROBANK  Ergasias bankS.A., as follows:

  1. Through the Dematerialised Securities System Operators for those shareholders who have authorized their operators for the dividend payment.
  2. Through the branch network of EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.Α., for the shareholders who have not authorized a DSS/SAT Operator or have requested an exception from their DSS/SAT Operator.
  3. For those shareholders, who, for any reason, cannot be credited through their Operators, dividend payment can be received in person or through their legal representatives from EFG EUROBANK Ergasias throughout its branch network upon presenting their ID card or a dully authenticated authorization in case of a proxy.

Dividends not collected within five years are written off in favour of the Greek State.

For additional information, shareholders may contact the company's Finance Investor Relations Department, (tel. 2310/593-335, Building of Technical Support, Gate 11 in the Port of Thessaloniki).

Acting in accordance with Article 9 (1) and (4) of Law 3556/2007 and Hellenic Capital Market Commission Decision No. 1/434/2007, the company “Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A” hereby gives notice that it received a notification on 27/03/2015 from «LANSDOWNE PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (LPIL)» that on 23/03/2015 the company sold shares in “Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A” with the result that the percentage of voting rights held by  «LANSDOWNE PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (LPIL)» dropped below the 5% limit.

Invitation to the General Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting 2015 and related information [pdf]

The President  & CEO of ThPA SA, Mr S. Aggeloudis presented today  23.03.2015 the financial results of 2014 to financial analysts.

The company's turnover for 31/12/2014 amounted to 56,280,238€ from 51,560,096€ in 2013, increased by (9.15%), because of increased sales in all operational sectors sales of Container Terminal increased by 8.74%, Conventional port increased by 9.68%, while showed increases in sectors of Passengers Traffic12.99%  and Exploitation of spaces 9.50%.

In the 31/12/2014 the unitized cargo (containers) handled 349,990 containers (in TEU), increased by 8.59% from  the same period in 2013, increased by 12.16%   in general cargo and increased by 14.97% in  bulk cargo.

Total revenues increased by 4.71% from the same period in 2013, despite the reduction of financial income by 41.70% due to a significant drop in interest rates on invested assets of the company.

Total expenses decreased by 4.01% from the 31/12/2014, mainly by reducing the personnel wages and expenses by 7.86%.
Gross profit amounted to 27,977,902€ over 22,924,773€ in 2013 (+22,04%).

Earnings before taxes amounted to 28,388,514€ over 24,342,238€ 2013 (+16.62%), while after-tax results amounted to 21,300,404€ over 18,187,851€ (+17.11%).

The operating profit (EBITDA) for the 31/12/2014 amounted to 29,424,347€ (+25.16).

Containers handled from January to February 2015 increased by 9,87%  in TEUs  against the same period of 2014 (from 47.610 to 52.310 TEUs)  and 6,95% in pieces (from 31.944 to 34.184). Conventional cargo throughput increased over the same time by 0,84% (from 614.424 tons to 619.606).