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ThPA S.A. announces that on Monday 18th of March 2019, a Notice of Commencement of the First Investment Period was sent to the Greek State, confirming the Company' s intention to initiate processes of the First Mandatory Enhancements, pursuant the provisions of the Concession Agreement between the Greek State and ThPA S.A.

Within the First Investment Period, ThPA S.A. will implement Mandatory Enhancements, amounting to 180 million euros, which will include the following individual enhancements:

  • The expansion of the marine works infrastructure of Pier 6 and specifically:
  • The construction of a new additional Quay, with a length of at least 440 m, out of which at least 400 m providing a minimum effective depth of -16.50 m.
  • The construction of additional yard area, at least 300 average wide, alongside the above new Quay.
  • The construction of all additional infrastructure, necessary for the operation of the new quay and the related land area.
  • The provision of equipment of the Container Terminal equipment and Bulk Terminal at Pier 6.
  • General Port Development enhancements, including the Remedial Works for Old Custom’s building.

The commencement of the Investment Period follows a series of preparatory actions regarding the maturity of the Mandatory Enhancements, including the signing of a Contract for the Procurement of Independent Engineer Services, in order to undertake the monitoring of the First Mandatory Investments and the issuance of an Additional Performance Guarantee by ThPA S.A., amounting to 20 million euros.

ThPA S.A. continues to consistently meet all of its obligations in a timely manner, aiming at the strategic development of the Port of Thessaloniki, in order to transform into the major shipping and logistics Hub in Southeastern Europe and the Balkan area.

The participation of ThPA S.A. in the Green Award network was announced on Friday, March 9th 2019, during a meeting held in Thessaloniki.

ThPA S.A. participates in the network as Incentive Provider of the Green Award, offering a 15% discount on port charges to Green Award-certified vessels visiting the Port of Thessaloniki.

The Green Award Certificate is a certificate for vessels and shipping companies that exceed the statutory obligation relating to environmental terms and constraints. The Green Award certification process is carried out by the Bureau Green Award, the executive body of the Green Award Foundation, a non-profit institution founded in 1994.

The Green Award Foundation’s philosophy is to promote high standards of environmental performance and maritime safety by identifying, recognizing and encouraging environmentally responsible shipping through the operation of a non-profit certification scheme that assesses safety and environmental performance.

The Chairman of the BoD and CEO of ThPA S.A., Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, during his speech, mentioned that: “The shareholders of ThPA S.A. unanimously decided to participate in the Green Award network as it fully meets both the commitment of the new investment scheme to the emergence of practices and synergies with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of the company’s port activities and implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility project, focusing on the principles of the shipping industry and focusing on informing and raising awareness of all those involved in environmental issues. We will continue all together to support every effort aimed at preserving the marine environment”.

The President of the Green Award Foundation, Mr. Dimitrios Matthaiou, gave an honorary plaque to Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, stating the following: "As the President of the Green Award Foundation, as an experienced executive of the shipping industry, but above all as a Greek who comes from a nation that holds a leading position in Shipping and is the homeland of marine workers worldwide, I feel very proud to welcome the first Greek port as our new Incentive Provider at the Green Award Foundation. The Port of Thessaloniki, as a member of this global environmentally aware community, unites its forces with 36 other ports from all over the world and 75 other Incentives Providers. I believe that the initiative of the Administration of ThPA S.A. will act as a trigger for the local and regional shipping community and will draw the attention of the administrations of other ports, in order for them to follow the remarkable example of ThPA S.A.”.

ThPA S.A. participated in the 4th Delphi Economic Forum, presenting the main points, perspectives and challenges of the implementation of its investment program.

In the session under the title “Planning For Growth: Connectivity and Infrastructure, the Chairman of the BoD and CEO of ThPA S.A., Sotirios Theofanis, highlighted the need to create a One Stop Shop for the licensing of Investment Plans and the monitoring of their implementation, in order to make the role of the State, in relation to the implementation of these Plans, be essential.

At the same time, he pointed out the need to complete the projects of road and rail link of the Port of Thessaloniki with the corresponding Trans-European Networks, so as to optimize the use of the mandatory enhancements, which ThPA S.A. intends to complete by the end of 2020.

Concluding, Mr. Theofanis expressed the commitment of the new investors to the timely and effective implementation of the Development Plan of the Port of Thessaloniki.

The same session was attended by the CEO of ELLAKTOR SA, Mr. Anastasios Kalliitsantsis, the CEO of Fraport Greece, Mr. Alexander Zinell, the Chairman of the BoD of Athens International Airport, Mr. Dimitrios Dimitriou, the Deputy CEO of PPA SA, Mr. Angelos Karakostas, as well as the CEO of the HRADF, Mr. Richardos Lampiris.

The 12 Straddle Carriers are gradually delivered assembled to the premises of ThPA S.A. They were acquired on the initiative of the new Administration as part of the investments in equipment announced by ThPA S.A. after the Company's takeover by the new investors.

This equipment purchased by Konecranes Noell is expected to substantially improve the productivity of the Container Terminal (C.T.) and update the provided services.

This new equipment has the ability to stack containers at 3 levels in height and is expected to make a decisive contribution in the success of the Plan for the stacking of containers to be exported within the C.T., a project that will substantially change the level of container handling in the Port.

ThPA S.A. continues, in an organized and consistent manner, the execution of its Investment Program, aspiring to realize its strategic goal, i.e. to make the Port of Thessaloniki a top port in terms of both service and technological equipment, in SE Europe and the Balkan area.

The Chairman of the BoD and CEO of ThPA SA, Mr. S. Theofanis, participated as the Leading Invited Speaker in the Meeting of the “Standing Committee on Ports and Channels” of the “Τransportation Research Board Annual Meeting” held in Washington, D.C, USA on 16.01.2019. This Meeting is a top event for the global scientific and business community in the Transport sector.

The subject of his speech was the recent developments in port business management, at a global level, and their connection with the completion of the process of introducing a strategic investor to ThPA S.A. In his speech, he referred to the strategic role played by the Global Port Administrators and the networking of Port Operators, as well as to the importance of the structure of the liner shipping companies’ market. This statement was complemented by a brief analysis of developments in the area of Southeast Europe, Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. Mr. Theofanis pointed out that this environment forms challenges but also great opportunities for the port of Thessaloniki, based on its new shareholding structure and the new commercial development strategy. All of the above are “key” points, since the company benefits from the know-how and the dynamics of its new shareholders and is expected to play a key role in the region, being a major port and freight hub.  

In 2018, the throughput of containers and conventional cargo at the Port of Thessaloniki has marked an increase. In particular, 424,000 TEU's were handled in the Container Terminal and 3,764,000 tons were handled in the Conventional Port, marking an increase of 5,5% in both Sections, compared to 2017.

These figures demonstrate the stable commercial development of the Port of Thessaloniki and highlight the dynamic and great prospects for establishing its position in the Balkans and the wider region of Southeastern Europe.

With planning and optimism, the administration of ThPA S.A. continues its efforts to achieve this goal.