The overall objectives of the Master Plan are:

  1. To address the current needs of the port in order to achieve optimum operational performance levels in terms of service times, safety and costs.
  2. To address the future needs of the port in order to secure a protagonist role as “port gate” of the Southern Balkans and to propose all the necessary development steps, in terms of expansion of infrastructures, modernization of equipment and improvement of access systems.

The planning horizon of the Master Plan is 25 years (2040). The Master Plan defines the current and future land uses and building restrictions within the port zone and sets:

The THPA strategic priorities aim to the improvement of provided services to users through increased capacity, improved level of service in an environmentally friendly way, development of the port as a “smart node”, improved marketing to capitalize on the advantages of the geographical location of the port. The overall aim is to strengthen the strategic locational advantage of the port as a node point for the maritime transport of goods destined/originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and the South East Europe intermodal networks. The strategic objectives of THPA are: