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ThPA S.A. has adopted a Business Continuity Management System ensuring a holistic and systematic approach which takes into account its operating framework, the expectations and the constraints derived thereto, as well as the requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 22301: 2019.

The purpose of this Business Continuity Policy is to provide a general framework through which an effective System is established and implemented, which:

  • ensures that critical activities, support resources and interdependencies between them are identified
  • takes into account the results of the business continuity risk assessment and business impact analysis, in order to select the appropriate business continuity strategy
  • remains effective in achieving the objectives and meeting the requirements of business continuity, while fully in line with the requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 22301: 2019.

ThPA S.A. recognizes that the implementation of an effective Business Continuity Management System ensures ongoing awareness and training of all staff, continuous upgrading of infrastructure and equipment and clearly defines the roles and responsibilities and systematic avoidance of single points of failure. Management is committed to allocating all the necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the System.

The Business Continuity policy was approved by the Managing Director – CEO on 12/04/2021 and is reviewed at least once a year as well as after significant changes.