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ThPA S.A. has designed and implements a Quality Management System in conformity with the requirements of the International Standard ELOT ISO 9001:2015, to meet the expectations of modern-day business and ensure the ongoing improvement of its services with a view to achieving optimum customer satisfaction.

The Quality Management System was designed based on the needs and aspirations of ThPA S.A. and in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the applicable Greek and EU legislation and is applicable for the following services, offering high quality:

Management of Container Terminal

Loading/Unloading of solid bulk cargoes, other than cereals

General cargo loading/unloading

Serving passenger ships and cruise ships

Concession of spaces for commercial and cultural activities

Cargo Delivery and Reception

Management is committed to meeting the requirements of all stakeholders and solidifying customer confidence through the fulfilment of specific quality standards and the ongoing improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in conformity with ISO 9001:2015.

The development and implementation of a Quality System in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 is clear evidence of ThPA SA’s commitment:

  • Τo consistently provide services meeting customers’ requirements to the highest possible extent and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • To increase customer satisfaction through the effective implementation of the system, including processes aiming at its ongoing improvement and ensuring compliance with customers’ requirements

In this context, ThPA S.A., aims to:

  • Comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Comply with the applicable relevant Legislation, International Codes and best practices
  • Provide ongoing information and training to all its employees through training programmes
  • Constantly improve the Quality Management System and company’s operations through the effective use of the following processes:
    • Management Review
    • Internal Audits
    • Corrective Actions
    • Risk Management

To achieve the above goals, Management:

  • Commits to apply the principles of the Quality Policy and the Quality Management System that it establishes
  • Commits to comply with the applicable Greek and EU legislation
  • Informs its staff and encourages it to be committed to the same principles
  • Commits to provide the infrastructure and equipment required for fulfilling its activities and the proper implementation of the Quality Management System.

Raising awareness of the Company’s staff about the system’s goals and philosophy is a key pillar of its effective implementation and the achievement of the above goals.

The implementation and certification of the quality management system aims to:

  • Enhance the Company’s reputation by guaranteeing the customer confidence
  • Create opportunities for entering international markets as the Company’s credibility is recognized
  • Reduce production cost through the optimization of resources and time management
  • Raise awareness of employees about quality management
  • Ensure the ongoing improvement of processes based on the implementation of objective monitoring and measurement mechanisms and, therefore, upgrade the Company’s processes to create added value
  • Strengthen competitive advantages

Company’s Management constantly monitors and reviews the principles and objectives of this Quality Policy.

In this respect, this Policy is kept updated, communicated to staff and is available to the public and interested parties through the website of ThPA S.A.