The Board of THPA SA approved at 21/09/2017 the Financial Report for the period of 1/1/2017-30/06/2017 from which the following arise:



Commenting on the financial results of the first half, ThPA CEO, Dimitris Makris, stressed: "2017 is evolving to a milestone year for the company, which has achieved a significant increase in freight throughput, and retained its strong position in the port market. These figures, combined with high profitability ratios, zero borrowing and high liquidity, create the conditions for a steady upward trend for ThPA SA. Financial figures and current indicators reinforce the estimates for a significant increase in container traffic, the highest in the last ten years, while for general and bulk cargo an increase of the highest in the last five years is expected.

This year's upward trend in freight traffic is mainly related to the increase in exports and commercial activity in the port’s hinterland, as well as the close cooperation of the company with its customers, the ongoing consultation with the port community, the city and the region. At the same time, the company implements an ambitious investment program to improve services and protect the environment.

The experienced and specialized personnel of ThPA SA constitute the driving force of the company.

ThPA SA faces new challenges following the successful completion of the international tender process by HRADF, and nomination of the consortium comprising of Deutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH, Belterra Investments Ltd. and Terminal Link SAS as the Preferred investor for acquisition of 67% of the company's shares. The concession agreement requires mandatory investments of € 180 million over the next seven years, as well as minimum freight traffic indicators.

The above developments provide a favorable environment for the upgrading of the Port of Thessaloniki the benefit of the company, the national economy and employment in general".