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Call for open tender (TED 092/2023) for the provision of cleaning services for outdoor and indoor premises of ThPA S.A. [pdf]

The Viking Sky cruise ship of the company “Viking” inaugurated for a second consecutive year the cruise season in the port of Thessaloniki. The passengers of the first cruise ship arriving in the city for 2023, received a warm welcome by representatives of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and ThPA S.A., while they had the opportunity to enjoy music by Greek composers from the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki upon disembarkation and to receive useful informative material about the destination from representatives of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization.
The dynamic growth of cruise tourism in Thessaloniki is expected to continue, with 67 arrivals already scheduled for 2023, from 13 different companies and 21 different cruise ships, as leading cruise companies have included the destination in their itineraries. Compared to 2022, currently 5 additional cruise lines have placed Thessaloniki on their destination map with the cruise ships Vasco de Gama, Gemini, World Navigator, Renaissance, Seven Seas Voyager and Norwegian Dawn.
At the same time, ThPA S.A. in cooperation with Thessaloniki Tourism Organization is conducting a study to assess the Social and Economic Impact of Cruise on the city and the wider Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki.
In addition, the leading cruise and yachting conference of Greece "Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum" (PSTF) is going to take place in Thessaloniki on 25-26 April 2023, with the participation of high-ranking executives of the industry, highlighting Thessaloniki as the world capital of Cruise for 2 days.
"The development of cruise tourism in Thessaloniki has "opened" an additional gateway for incoming tourism from the neighbouring Balkan countries and we are proud that the port of Thessaloniki is a vital part of this. In cooperation with local, national and international entities, we are implementing targeted actions and initiatives to promote the destination in order to increase tourist traffic and strengthen both the local community and the wider region of Northern Greece in economic and social terms", said the Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos.

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The Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus, Konstantinos Polykarpou, visited ThPA S.A. today. During the visit, he was informed by the Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, on the recent developments at the Port and the progress of the implementation of the Company's Investment Plan. At the same time, through the impressive 3D interactive model, Mr. Polykarpou was guided through the Port and the future expansion of Pier 6, which upgrades the position of the Port of Thessaloniki in the global port industry and has a strong and broad socio-economic footprint.

Mr. Liagkos then referred to the direct access of the Port of Thessaloniki to the Balkan markets with direct rail connections from Thessaloniki to Bulgaria (Sofia) and Serbia (Nis), noting that ThPA S.A. aspires to be the multi-gateway intermodal network and logistics solutions provider for the Balkans and the broader Southeast, Central and Eastern European region. Moreover, given that Greece is already connected to Cyprus, including through the Port of Thessaloniki, with regular commercial routes, the mutually beneficial prospects for enhancing the connectivity of the two countries but also the wider Balkan and European region at the cruise level and the further development of freight flows were discussed at length.

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Kindly be informed that due to technical works for upgrades, access to the CT-Portal will be limited on Sunday, 15 January 2023 between 08:00 - 10:00. We remain at your disposal and thank you for your understanding.

Announcement for change in the BoD composition [pdf]

ThPA S.A. announces that Mr. Panagiotis Stampoulidis, Executive Director and Executive Member of the BoD of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), assumes the role of non-executive Member of the BoD at ThPA S.A.

Mr. Stampoulidis is a seasoned and skilled executive, with a significant tenure in managerial positions in companies and organizations of the private and the broader public sector. As part of his role in the BoD of ThPA S.A., Mr. Stampoulidis will also serve as a member of the Audit Committee.

With a 15-year career in executive positions with high-level responsibilities, Mr. Stampoulidis will support ThPA S.A.’s BoD in a series of areas related to the company’s business activities, as well as its growth and investment planning.

Among other things, he has a broad experience and specialization in the fields of development plan design, restructuring, and execution of public contracts, and he has also managed a wide array of technical and financial projects, as well as projects related to the restructuring and streamlining of corporate procedures. Throughout his career, he has emphasized on promoting innovations and on enhancing the productivity and efficiency of organizational structures and processes.

From 2019 to 2021, he also served as Secretary General for Commerce and Consumer Protection, promoting important reforms for the functioning of the market, consumer protection, and the implementation of major public contracts.