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Announcement concerning changes in the Board of Directors

After the Ordinary General Meeting of THPA SA shareholders on 28/5/2010, concerning the election of new BoD members, the Board of Directors in its Meeting at the same date, was recomposed and the status of BoD members as executive or non executive was determined as following:
1.    Stylianos Aggeloudis President BoD and CEO, executive member
2.    Konstantinos Papaioannou, vice President,  executive member
3.    Christina Aliri, non executive member
4.    Christodoulos Antoniadis, non executive member
5.    Vasilios Antonopoulos, independent  non executive member 
6.    Antonios Saoulidis non executive member
7.    Haris Topalidis, independent  non executive member
8.    Georgios Spanopoulos, Representative of Employees, non executive member
9.    Dimitrios Thiriou , Representative of Dock Workers, non executive member
10.  Nikolaos Giannopoulos, Representative of OKE, independent  non executive member
11.  Vasilios Papageorgopoulos, Representative of Municipality, independent  non executive member
Mr Antonios Saoulidis and Mrs Christina Aliri were appointed as members of the  audit commitee of the company’s  internal audit.
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