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Answers to Hellenic Capital Market Commission questions

ThPA SA, having as a rule the smooth function of the market and the protection of the investing public, and given that information published recently regarding developments of the tender for the concession of the port container terminal and the extension of the 6th pier, could influence the company’s stock, inform the investing public that:
1.    The company’s Board of Directors has not taken any further decision relating to the above mentioned tender, apart from the last one, of 11.2.2009, when it has declared forfeited the “Provisional Concessionaire” and has also decided the forfeiture of the participation letter of guarantee for the tender.
2.    As far it concerns the works of the construction of the 6th pier the following are noted:
•    Up until today the quay wall foundation works (600m) have been completed, as well as a series of complementary works directly related to the construction of the foundation with ThPA own funds.
•    Based on the previous, in the occasion that the tender for the concession of the container terminal is declared cancelled, the company has the ability and is ready to proceed to the completion of the construction of the extension of the 6th pier by procuring relevant tenders for the construction of infrastructure works and the purchase of the necessary equipment. 
The company as it is usual practice will immediately inform the investing public for any development related to the relevant issues.
The present notification follows relevant questions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.  

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