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THPA S.A. possesses substantial experience in participation in European Programs of multi-membered collaborations, in relation to research and the implementation of pilot applications in the departments of multimodal transports and logistics, as well as the research for development possibilities of multimodal transports in the area of Southeastern Europe, connected to the Trans-European Transportation Networks

Currently, there are two research projects regarding multi-membered collaborations, within the framework of the previous community support framework 2007-2013, which will be concluded until June 2015.

  • ADB Adriatic-Danube-BlackSea Multimodal Platform

    ADB Adriatic-Danube-BlackSea Multimoda lPlatform, στο πλαίσιο του SouthEastEurope-Transnational Cooperation Programme (2012-2014)

    The project "ADB – Adriatic – Danube – BlackSea Multimodal Platform" , which is funded by the SOUTH EAST EUROPE TRANSNATIONAL COOPERATION, studies the existing but also suggests new corridors for multimodal transports, in the area of study which includes the Adriatic, the Black Sea but also the areas through which the Danube flows.

    Within this framework, there will be suggestions with regards to multimodal transport corridors, targeted towards decreasing the environmental impact and increasing the use of new technologies. There is also a study currently under way, which will record the present state of transportation, infrastructure-hubs in the Aegean area, and assess the quality and efficiency of chosen terminal stations. There is an ongoing close examination of the legal framework for multimodal transports as well as the relevant information and telecommunication technologies, as suggested by the project multimodal platforms.


  • Futuremed

    Futuremed – Freight and Passengers supporting info mobility systems for a sustainable improvement of the competitiveness of port-hinterland systems of the Med area (2012-2015)

    «FUTUREMED – Freight and passengers supporting infomobility systems for a sustainable improvement of the competitiveness of port-hinterland systems of the MED area», which is funded by the MED – Cooperation Territoriale Europeenne 2007-2013, is a project that aims to improve the competitiveness of port systems in the MED area, by improving accessibility through technology and procedural innovations, while simultaneously guaranteeing sustainability of transport.

    The project's basic idea is focused on the implementation of interoperable information-management systems as well as the reduction of externalities. The project will examine three strategic sectors in each port, the cargo, passenger and tourist traffic, while setting medium-term or long-term development strategies. Within this framework, there will be suggestions as to ways to improve the interoperability of the information technology systems, in order to improve the competitiveness of the transport chain (decrease of time, cost, increase of productivity).

    You can read the brochure with the project description.