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Temporary Customs Storage Services
at Sofia Dry Port

ThPA S.A. offers Temporary Customs Storage services at its Dry Port facilities in Sofia, Bulgaria. The complete “off docking” services create added value for shipping companies and maritime agents.

In this context, the company offers cargo handling services including imported or exported cargoes from countries and regions outside the European Union or other customs unions such as China, India, the United States of America, Latin America, Far East, the Middle East and Africa.

With temporary storage, import and export companies are able to reduce transportation costs and expand their cargo services beyond the Sofia Dry Port and Port Terminals.

The Dry Port of ThPA S.A. in Sofia, has the licensing and infrastructure to store and manage cargoes and simultaneously provide the possibility of loading under the supervision of the customs authorities, so that controls and inspections can be carried out on-site, within the facilities, avoiding for the cargoes that are subject to customs regulations.

Tel.: +30 2310 593 379 & +30 2310 593 314
E-mail: customer.service(at)thpa(dot)gr

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