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Event Spaces

Event Spaces

ThPA S.A. offers indoor and outdoor spaces for the development of social and cultural activities, strengthening the Port-City relationship. 

The available outdoor spaces are:

Outdoor spaces: 

  • Inside Pier No 1 (minimum rental area 500 m2)
    Fee: €1/m2/day.
  • Outside Pier No 1 (minimum rental area 1000 m2)
    Fee: €0.60/m2/day

*Following the Opinion of the Pier 1 Committee in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decision HYPO/DIOIK/16968/27.3.2001 (Government Gazette 375B’/5-4-2001), as amended by virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision 492/3-9-2014 (Government Gazette 2474B’/17-9-2014).

Church of Saint Nicholas & courtyard
Fee: €300

Use of warehouse – outdoor space for photography – video recording
Fee: €172,59 per day.
Wedding photography: Free.

The above prices do not include VAT.
The tariff of Use of Areas is available here.

Tel:  +30 2310 593 190
E-mail: realestate(at)thpa(dot)gr

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