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Late runners

This template [xls] should be filled to declare the late runners for a particular vessel call. It should be sent through email to the Documentation Department ( as soon as possible.

The mandatory fields are marked with yellow.

All the containers must have been included in a COPRAR1 file (pre-advise).

Either Vessel Name or Vessel Code should be filled with the appropriate data. (preferably vessel name)

The voyage code should be the outbound voyage code. If there is no outbound voyage code, then the normal voyage code.

Last gate in time : The worst case scenario for the container entry to the CT

Grade ID: LATE – The grade ID is filled with the word LATE if the container is empty

Grade ID-F : LATE – The grade ID-F is filled with word LATE if the container is full


Transit containers – Gate-in prior to 7 days

For declaring the transit containers which will enter the port earlier than 7 days prior to ETB, the respective “early come” template [xls] has to be filled and sent to the Documentation Department.

The mandatory fields are marked with yellow.

Please note that this template can be used only for transit containers.



For declaring the discharge list for Ro-Ro operations, the respective “Vessel Document” template [xls] has to be filled and  sent to the Documentation Department.

The mandatory fields are marked with yellow.

This document is used for crosschecking with COPRAR2 discharge.

For non GP cargo, the relevant information should be filled as well.


Reefer manifest

For the declaration of the reefer attributes, the reefer manifest template [xls] should be filled and send to

Mandatory field are colored in yellow.

Please note that

  • In the field O/B Voyage it is mandatory to insert the OUTBOUND voyage number of the vessel (export voy number only), even if the case that the reefer containers are going to be discharged (import).
  • In case that the vessel is going to discharge reefers and will also load reefers, two different reefer manifests are required (one for import, one for export) but both of them will have as reference the O/B voyage code in the relevant field.
  • Enter numbers only, not the unit of measure.
  • When you do not want to enter a value at a non-mandatory, you can leave it blank. Do not enter the value 0.
  • Completion of non-mandatory fields is required only if desired (depending on the load, common cases are fresh fruit).
  • Regarding the ventilation blue fields, at least one of them should be filled with the appropriate information.


The below table provides the descriptions of the ventilation fields

Field Description
Ventilation(%) % – Percentage Open
Ventilation(F) F – Cubic feet per minute
Ventilation(M) M – Cubic meters per hour
Ventilation(O) O – Fraction Open

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