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Company History

The Port of Thessaloniki, with a history of 2,300 years, has been designated as a port of International Interest (Government Gazette B’/202/16.2.07) and one of the Greek ports, which belongs to the Core Network of Trans-European Transport Network.

Establishment of the French Company “Société Anonyme Ottomane de Construction et Exploitation du Port de Salonique”, which was assigned the right to operate the port facilities it developed for 40 years, i.e., until 1944.


The Greek Government passed the founding law for the “Free Zone of the Port of Thessaloniki”, which would take over the management of the largest part of the port, with the main responsibility of loading, unloading and transport activities, with its own means and personnel. However, the new management structure would not be set up due to the outbreak of World War I.


In March 1923, the government established the legal entity named “Commission of the Free Zone of Thessaloniki”. The new organization became operational in October 1925. In September 1923, the “Serbian Free Zone of Thessaloniki” was established, which was later named the “Yugoslav Free Zone of Thessaloniki”. It started operating in July 1929 and was abolished in 1975.


In 1928, the “Committee for the Regulation of Loading-Unloading of the Port of Thessaloniki” was established and in 1932 the “Labor Office of the Port of Thessaloniki” was formed with the responsibility of managing the dockworkers. In 1970, the Committee was abolished, and its activities were incorporated into the “Thessaloniki Port Authority”.

The “Thessaloniki Port Fund” was established and took over the contract of operation of the port from the “Société Anonyme Ottomane de Construction et Exploitation du Port de Salonique” which expired in 1944. Its purpose was the construction of new facilities and the maintenance of existing ones.

In December 1953, the “Free Zone of Thessaloniki” and the “Thessaloniki Port Fund” were merged into a single public entity named “Free Zone and Port of Thessaloniki” (FZPT).


By the 449/1970 law, the “Free Zone and Port of Thessaloniki” was renamed to “Thessaloniki Port Authority” (ThPA). Under the same law, ThPA took over the management of the dockworkers from the “Committee for the Regulation of Port Loading-Unloading of Thessaloniki Port”, which was abolished.


The organization turned into a societe anonyme with the registered name “Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.” and the business name “ThPA S.A.”


ThPA S.A. was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange


The Greek State transferred its stake of the company to the “Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund”.


The tender for the sale of the majority stake of ThPA S.A. (67%) was initiated.


South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki LTD acquired 67% of ThPA S.A.


ThPA S.A. established a new subsidiary (dry port) in Bulgaria (Sofia) under the name “ThPA Sofia EAD”.


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