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Logistics & Real Estate

Storage inside and outside the Free Zone

The strategic location of the Port of Thessaloniki combined with the provision of world-class services make ThPA S.A. a leading provider of intermodal transport network and logistics solutions for the Balkans and the broader Southeast, Central and Eastern European region. ThPA S.A. provides efficient and reliable interconnected storage services inside and outside the Free Zone, which contribute decisively to upgrading the supply chain of the broader region creating significant growth opportunities.

Specifically, ThPA S.A. offers:

·         Sheltered Storage Spaces inside and outside the Free Zone

·         Storage Spaces within the Free Zone with a total surface area of 28,993 m2

·         Storage Areas outside the Free Zone with a total surface area of 18,180 m2

·         Open Sheds of 12,000 m2

·         Outdoor Storage Spaces of 500,000 m2

·         Grain silo with a capacity of 20,000 tons

Tel.: +30 2310 593 190, +30 2310 593 139
E-mail: convinfo(at)thpa(dot)gr

Tel.: +30 2310 593 190, +30 2310 593 139
E-mail: realestate(at)thpa(dot)gr

Real Estate

ThPA S.A. offers indoor and outdoor areas for the development of port and non-port activities.


·         Offices (Container Terminal, KIBO, etc.)

·         Areas for placing ticket offices

·         Ticket offices within the Passenger Terminal

·         Areas outside Gate 16

·         Areas for the installation of housings/isobox

·         Areas for ATMs

·         Food & beverage stores

·         Outdoor areas

·         Covered areas & buildings

·         Refreshment & canteen areas

·         Plots outside the Port Zone

Aiming at the optimal service of its customers, ThPA S.A. also provides:

·         Water supply to dry facilities

·         Power supply

·         Telephone and internet connections

·         Cleaning Services


The Tariff for Use of Areas and the tariff for Water & Power supply, Telephone & Network connections is available here.

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