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South Europe Gateway
Thessaloniki (SEGT) Ltd


Retail Investors


Hellenic Republic Asset
Development Fund S.A. (HRADF)


Treasury & Investors Relations Department
Supervisor: Apostolos Papadopoulos Almeida


Tel.: +30 2310 593 376 & +30 2310 593 335
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Share Price

Share History

The Societe Anonyme “Thessaloniki Port Authority” (THPA S.A.) was established in the year 1999 (Law 2688/99, Official Government Gazette ΦΕΚ 40Α’/1-3-99) with the aim to manage and exploit the port of Thessaloniki. On June 27 2001, concession of rights is granted for a period of 40 years by the Greek State to THPA S.A., with the exclusive right to use and exploit the sites, buildings and installations of the land, coastal zone of the Port of Thessaloniki (which are property of the Greek State). In 2009, (Official Government Gazette Publication (ΦΕΚ 1643Β’/7-8-2009) the concession period is extended for 10 more years and it expires on the corresponding date of the year 2051.

The company’s stock is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since August 27th 2001, the date of its initial market listing.

ThPA S.A., mainly with its own means and personnel, provides berthing services to ships, handling of all types of cargoes and servicing passenger traffic at the port of Thessaloniki. The company also undertakes the construction of new installations as well as the maintenance and amelioration of the existing infrastructure and structures of the port, in addition to the procurement or maintenance of the necessary electromechanical and telecommunication and IT equipment.

Relevant Information from
the Athens Stock Exchange

Public registration: 27/7/2001 to 1/8/2001
Initial Public Offering: 27 August 2001
Total number of stock: 10.080.000Share entry price: 6,74 €
ISIN number of the stock: GRS427003009
Shareholder Structure: (27-8-2001):
75%: Greek State (7,560,000 shares)
25%: Retail investors (2,520,000 shares), that were divided as follows:
110,970 to investors with the exchange of PRESTOCK
120,000 to a private investor at the price of 5.39€
2,289,030 exchanged with cash a the price of 6,74€

The total value of shares disposed (excluding the 110,970 that were given in exchange to PRESTOCK), reached the sum of Drachmas. #5,477,509,295# (16,074,862.20€) The sum of commissions for the Underwriters and the Stockbroking House handling the transaction, reached the amount of #266,078,535# Drachmas (780,861.44€). The remaining expenses of the on-exchange trading are in total #26,839,798# Drachma (78,766.83€).

The net product following the sale of the existing stock reached the amount of. #5,184,590,962# Drachmas (15,215,233.93€), amount which was received from the Greek State.

There were no deviations from estimations in accordance with the approved Fact Sheet.

Incentive for a 3-month retention from the initial public offering date (2 per ten bonus shares and up to 200 bonus shares per investor). Date of termination of the retention incentive: 26/11/2001

Initial public offering of bonus shares: 17/1/2002
New shareholder structure (17/1/2002):
74.27%: Greek State (7,486,194 shares)
New shareholder structure (14/5/2012):
74.27%: Greek State (7,486,194 shares)
25.73%: Retail investors (2,593,806 shares)
Shareholder Structure: (27-8-2001):
75%: Greek State (7,560,000 shares)
25%: Retail investors (2,520,000 shares), that were divided as follows:
New shareholder structure (23/3/2018):
67.00%: South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki Limited (6,753,600 shares)
25.73%: Retail investors (2,593,806 shares)
7.27%: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund SA (HRADF) (732,594 shares)

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