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A key pillar of ThPA S.A.’s corporate culture for its smooth and successful operation is the integration of sustainable development practices in the whole range of its activities and services. As an active and responsible company implementing its new Investment Plan, it also enhances its social footprint through practices, synergies and initiatives that support the community.

Sustainability Strategy

The Sustainability Strategy of ThPA S.A. has been developed based on the guiding principles of sustainable development and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria.

In response to the enduring needs, ThPA S.A. has developed its Sustainability Strategy, incorporating ESG criteria, to cover the full range of non-financial elements and measurement indicators that define all the company’s activities, both internally and externally. At the same time, the performance of these indicators is communicated to all shareholders and stakeholder groups of ThPA S.A., with an absolute commitment to their implementation.

This strategy aims to create long-term value for our stakeholders, address the current climate change challenges and promote a holistic approach to the relevant strategy pillars that have been developed.
Through our strategy, we aim to have a robust ESG criteria management proposition that creates value and addresses the impacts and outcomes of the individual elements of these criteria.

Through its implementation, we aim to achieve a strong ESG stature, striving to ensure that our business activities continually promote economic, environmental and social value.

ThPA S.A. provides integrated, sustainable services in the port industry and intermodal transport sector and has the potential to make the city of Thessaloniki and Greece as a whole a leader in providing efficient, safe and sustainable shipping services.

Our activities and services are our primary concern and we are working continuously to develop them, while abiding to our Sustainable Development commitments. To achieve our Sustainability goals, we have set out a new Sustainable Development framework, based on specific pillars which we identified through internal assessments and a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders. For each of these pillars, we have determined specific targets, KPIs and initiatives to measure our progress.

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Corporate Governance

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