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29.10.2014, Belgrade, Serbia

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The third '' Danube Business Forum '' under the motto "All for one and one for all" was held from 29 October 2014 in Belgrade and Novi Sad, organized by "Media Invent", "Central European Development Forum" and "University of Novi Sad", under the auspices of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

The forum was dedicated to the Danube Strategy, its priority areas and pillars of development and it was attended by representatives of 14 countries in the field of economy, science, diplomacy and politics, and significant media support made it possible to promote this region as a desirable place to do business. During the forum was presented "ADB Multiplatform" project which is funded by the EU program "SEE transnational cooperation program" in order to introduce environmental multimodal transportation ideas promoted by the project which relate to the connection of ports of the Adriatic, the Danube and the Black Sea with the land locked countries in Southeast Europe and connectivity of different regions and participants in transport in order to improve freight transport connections in South East Europe.

"ADB Multiplatform" project was presented in city of Novi Sad by Vladan Stojanovic, member of Pirot Municipality team within the panel "Danube and intermodal transport."

FUTUREMED project successfully participated in the European Researchers' Night event, held at Warehouse C of the Port of Thessaloniki in Greece on 26th September 2014.

The European Researchers' Night is a mega event which takes place every year simultaneously in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond.

The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), organized on the 26th of September at the Warehouse C of the Port of Thessaloniki in an event which gave the opportunity to the public to be informed on the FUTUREMED and its objectives, the specific actions of the project such as the Capitalization Platform, the pilot cases etc as well as the first outcomes of the project

FUTUREMED was presented at the 3rd Black Sea Ports and Shipping Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 3rd and 4th of September 2014, with the participation of more than 300 delegates from the ports', shipping and intermodal sector.  

The 3rd Black Sea Ports and Shipping Conference took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 3rd and 4th of September 2014, with the participation of more than 300 delegates from the ports', shipping and intermodal sector.


The conference opened with a keynote address by Ambassador Train Chebeleu, Deputy Secretary General of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), presenting BSEC's initiatives on trade facilitation, cooperation in the fields of transport, port development and regional integrated maritime policy.

The conference presentations were structured along 6 main themes:

- The Emerging Black Sea Region - Economic Perspectives for 2014 and Beyond
- Forecasting the Future of Maritime Transport and the Impact on the Black Sea Region
- Maximising Seaports and Intermodal Connectivity in the Black Sea Region
- Innovative Technology and Cutting Edge Solutions for Ports and Terminals in the Black Sea Region
- New Ports Development in the Black Sea Region - Opportunities and Challenges, and
- Enabling Ports Development & Cooperation in the Black Sea Region.

FutureMed opened the session on "Innovative Technology and Cutting Edge Solutions for Ports and Terminals in the Black Sea Region". Mr Aristos Halatsis (CERTH/HIT) on behalf of the FutureMed consortium presented the project's experiences in improving the competitiveness of port systems through technology and innovations. In his presentation, Mr. Halatsis provided the overall framework in which maritime transport operates, placing special focus on the ports' role and the increasing need for ICT-supported port-hinterland integration. He continued with a description of the project's outputs, including ICT integration along three port-hinterland corridors, best practice diffusion and cluster analysis. The presentation concluded with the main project experiences so far in a number of areas such as, interoperability, small actors' facilitation, ecosystem development and results transferability.

29.09.2014, Budva, Montenegro

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Port of Bar organized the 2-days project meeting

All workpackage leaders presented the status of their activities. Project issues were discussed in details during the meeting in Montenegro.

24.09.2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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"4. GREENER AND EFFICIENT FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION" parallel field trip is organized by ADB and GIFT projects at the Slovenian Railway Museum during the conference on 24th September 2014

On the invitation of the SEE Programme ADB and GIFT projects were organizing joint event on multimodal transport.

10.09.2014, Budapest, Hungary

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The project was promoted during the Conference on European Inland Waterway Navigation 2014

RSOE, as the communication responsible partner of the project represented ADB Multiplatform at the Hungarian event in Budapest. More information on the conference: