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Thessaloniki Port Authority announces the notice of call for tenders for the extension of quay 26 at the Container Terminal on pier 6 along approximately 550 meters and for a net depth of 16.34 meters (MP). The estimated cost of the project amounts to the sum of 151,219,512.20 € (excluding VAT) and shall be financed by funds from THPA S.A. budget. The relevant notice (Reg.No. 259/2010) was send to the Official Journal of the European Union on 9/12/2010, and was published on 11/12/2010. 

The opening of the bids shall take place on Tuesday 1/2/2011 and at 10:00 hours at Company premises (administration building, 1st floor, Board  of Director's meeting hall, pier 1, inside the Port).

Tender documentation copies shall be furnished to interested parties by the Department of Εngineering Design of Estate-Works Development Division, housed in the Technical Support building during working hours.

THPA sa announces, that Mr Athanasios Nazlidis was appointed as  Director of Container Terminal Division and Mr Gavril Kokkinos was appointed as Director of Finance Division with the Compan'ys Board of Directors 4402/2010 decision.

THPA sa announces, that Mr Emmanouil Michailidis was appointed as General Director of Operational Units with the decision 4376/24/6/2010 of the Company's Board of Directors.

THPA sa announces that the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders on 28.5.2010 decided the assignment of the audit of the 11th financial year (1.1.2010 - 31.12.2010) to the auditing company "Ernst & Young" (HELLAS) and the appointment of :

1) Mr Christodoulos Seferis (SOEL Reg. No. 23431) and
2) Mr Ioannis Psihoudakis (SOEL Reg. No. 20161) as chartered auditors and:
1) Mrs Despina Xenaki (SOEL Reg. No. 14161) and
2) Mr Nikolaos Argirou (SOEL Reg. No. 15511) as deputy auditors.

THPA SA announces that Mrs Ioanna Dimopoulou will practice the duties of internal auditor from 1/6/2010, replacing  Mr Vasilios Diafas, who was pensioned off.

After the Ordinary General Meeting of THPA SA shareholders on 28/5/2010, concerning the election of new BoD members, the Board of Directors in its Meeting at the same date, was recomposed and the status of BoD members as executive or non executive was determined as following:

1.    Stylianos Aggeloudis President BoD and CEO, executive member
2.    Konstantinos Papaioannou, vice President,  executive member
3.    Christina Aliri, non executive member
4.    Christodoulos Antoniadis, non executive member
5.    Vasilios Antonopoulos, independent  non executive member 
6.    Antonios Saoulidis non executive member
7.    Haris Topalidis, independent  non executive member
8.    Georgios Spanopoulos, Representative of Employees, non executive member
9.    Dimitrios Thiriou , Representative of Dock Workers, non executive member
10.  Nikolaos Giannopoulos, Representative of OKE, independent  non executive member
11.  Vasilios Papageorgopoulos, Representative of Municipality, independent  non executive member

Mr Antonios Saoulidis and Mrs Christina Aliri were appointed as members of the  audit commitee of the company's  internal audit.