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10th Extraordinary General Meeting

OLTH S.A. announces that, on the 1-3-2007, the 10th Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders was held, attended by three (3) shareholders, representing 7,527,499 shares out of a total of 10,080,000 shares, the relevant percentage being 74.67756945%, and that the following decisions were made, all upon a quorum rate of74.67756945%:

  • Election of Mr. Efstratios Makios, son of Thrasyvoulos, as member of the Company’s Board of Directors, in replacement of the late Mr. Dimitrios Pallis.
  • Increase of the Share Capital of OLTH S.A. by capitalization of the 2000 fiscalyear A’ dividend A’ by €1,063,536.00, as well as of a part of the special non taxable reserve of L.2881/2001, by €1,960,464.00, so that it amounts to €33,264,000.00. The above increase shall create 1,008,000 shares, of nominal value €3.0 each. The new shares shall be 1/10 distributed, free-of-charge, to the shareholders, on the third workday after the date of approval of the shares’ listing, and shall have a dividend right in the profits of the fiscal year 2007. At the same time, article 5 of the Articles of Association “Share Capital – Shareholders” was amended as regards the above increase of the share capital. The BoD was authorized to handle the matters that may arise due to fractional share balances.
  • Modification of the remuneration of the Chairman of the BoD/ OLTH S.A., which was approved by the Ordinary General Meeting of the 15/6/2006, so that, instead of attendance expenses the Chairman of the BoD be paid a remuneration of €5,000, gross, fourteen (14) times per year, starting from the date of his/her election (15-6-2006).
There were no announcements during the Extraordinary General Meeting.