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Abstract of declaration for the concession of the container terminal

Thessaloniki Port Authority SA announces the declaration of an international public

procurement, with open process and the highest financial offer as award criterion, for the selection of a contractor for the concession of the Container Terminal, on Pier 6 of the Port of Thessaloniki, in exchange for, on the one hand, a self-financed investment (with the purpose of further developing and expanding the existing port infrastructure) and, on the other hand, financial returns for THPA SA.

The opening of the tenders will take place on Thursday, March 20th, 2008, at 10am, at the offices of THPA SA (Administration Building, 2nd floor, Board of Directors Meeting Room, Pier 1, in the Port). The corresponding DECLARATION (Pr. No. 125/2008) was sent to the Official Journal of the European Union on 19/01/2008.

The tender is conducted according to the terms of the Procurement (Pr. No. 125/2008), a copy of which is given by the Procurement Department of Th. P.A. SA (Head of the Department, Mr. Ch. Gagavouzis, tel.: 0030-2310593230) during office hours, from Monday 28/01/2008.