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Announcement of the New Board of Directors

Following the decision of the Continuation of the ThPA SA General Meeting  to be continued on 08.07.2016, for the election of the new members of the company’s Board of Directors, the new members were elected. The new BoD at its meeting during the same day defined its executive and non executive members.

The members of the new Board of Directors are:

  1. Constantinos Mellios, President of BoD, non executive member
  2. Dimitrios Makris, Chief Executive Officer, executive member
  3. Dimitrios Routos VicePresident of BoD, independent non executive member
  4. Aggelos Vlaxos, non executive member
  5. Panagiotis Kardaras, non executive member
  6. Dimitrios Bikas, non executive member
  7. Georgios Tozidis, independent non executive member
  8. Lazaros Tantalidis, staff representative, non executive member
  9. Dimitrios Thiriou, representative of the Dockers, non executive member
  10. Georgios Dimarelos, representative of the Municipality of the Thessaloniki, independent non executive member
  11. Konstantinos Karoulis, representative of the Economic and Social Committee, independent non executive member

The General Meeting appointed as members of the Audit Committee of ThPA SA the following:

  • Dimitrios Routos
  • George Tozidis
  • George Dimarelos