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Notification for voting rights

Pursuant to Article 9(1) and (4) of Law 3556/2007 and Decision No. 1/434/2007 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. (ThPA S.A.) would like to announce that following a notification received from Morgan Stanley on 31.7.2008 Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC has acquired a holding in ThPA S.A. including voting rights which is over the 5% limit which has been set. In particular, on 24.7.2008 Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC acquired a 5.087% holding in ThPA S.A. That company had previously held 502,780 shares in the company accounting for voting rights of 4.987%. On 24.7.2008 it acquired further shares in ThPA S.A. bringing the number held to 512,780 with the result that Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC’s holding in terms of total shares and voting rights in ThPA S.A. rose from 4.987% to 5.087%.