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Stock Disposal

There were totaly 2.520.000 Stocks disposed to the wider investment public from which:

  • 110.970 were disposed to investors exchanging them with PROMETOCHON.
  • 120.000 were disposed with private investment to the price of 5,39€
  • 2.289.030 were disposed with deposit of cash to the price of 6,74€

The total price of stocks that were disposed (exept the 110.970 stocks that were exchanged with PROMETOCHON) rose up to #5.477.509.295# Greek Drachmas (16.074.862,20€).
The total supply of the Sponsors and the Investment Company that made the investment exchange, rose up to #266.078.535# Greek Drachmas (780.861,44€). The rest of the expences of the investment rose up to #26.839.798# Greek Drachmas (78.766,83€).
The product from the sale of the stocks rose up to #5.184.590.962# Greek Drachmas (15.215.233,93€), which was collected by the Greek Public.

There were no exclusions from the ones that were scheduled according to the Informational Report.