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Resolutions of the postponement Annual General Shareholders Meeting of 08.07.2016

Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces that on 8 July 2016 took place the continuation of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Warehouse D ‘ A’ Pier of the port , for the discussion of the sixth item “Election of new Board members in replacement of resigned members ‘ whose discussion was postponed after the HRADF request  at the Annual General Meeting of THPA SA shareholders on 10.06.2016.

At the continuation of the Annual General Meeting of July 8, 2016 , was attended in conformity by 9 shareholders, attending either in person or by proxy and representing 7.946.966 shares, i.e. 78,8389% of the Company’s paid-up share capital and which after legal voting, discussed and discussed and approved:

  • the election of Mr. Aggelos Vlachos, Mr. Panagiotis Kardaras and Mr. Dimitrios Bikas as a new members of the Board of Directors – during the Board Meetings 6278 dated 01.07.15 and 6378 dated 23.10.15 – in replacement of the resigned members Mr. Alexandrou Chlorou, Mr Anastasiou Kardara and Mr George Lazaridi.
  • the appointment of Mr. Konstantinos Karoulis (Proxy of the Economic and Social Council) as independent non-executive member of the Board.  
  • the election as a new member of the Board Mr . Routos Dimitrios, term of office ends 12.5.2020
  • the appointment of Mr.Dimitriou Routou and Mr. George Tozidis as independent non-executive members of the Board.
  • the appointment of the members of the Audit Committee according to the provisions of L.3693 / 2008 as follows:
    • Dimitrio Routo, independent non-executive member
    • George Tozidi, independent non-executive member
    • George Dimarelos, independent non-executive member

The voting results on the 6th item were as follows:     
Number of shares for valid votes given 7.860.378 (77,9799% of the share capital with voting rights), out of which:

  • For: 7.509.594
  • Against: 350.784
  • Abstain: 86.588