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Commentary of financial results for 01.01 – 31.12.2014

The Board of OLTH SA approved today 12/3/2015 the Financial Report for the 31/12/2014.

The company’s turnover for 31/12/2014 amounted to 56,280,238€ from 51,560,096€ in 2013, increased by (9.15%), because of increased sales in all operational sectors sales of Container Terminal increased by 8.74%, Conventional port increased by 9.68%, while showed increases in sectors of Passengers Traffic12.99%  and Exploitation of spaces 9.50%.

In the 31/12/2014 the unitized cargo (containers) handled 349,990 containers (in TEU), increased by 8.59% from  the same period in 2013, increased by 12.16%   in general cargo and increased by 14.97% in  bulk cargo.

Total revenues increased by 4.71% from the same period in 2013, despite the reduction of financial income by 41.70% due to a significant drop in interest rates on invested assets of the company.

Total expenses decreased by 4.01% from the 31/12/2014, mainly by reducing the personnel wages and expenses by 7.86%.

Gross profit amounted to 27,977,902€ over 22,924,773€ in 2013 (+22,04%).

Earnings before taxes amounted to 28,388,514€ over 24,342,238€ 2013 (+16.62%), while after-tax results amounted to 21,300,404€ over 18,187,851€ (+17.11%).

The operating profit (EBITDA) for the 31/12/2014 amounted to 29,424,347€ (+25.16).