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Development of the Hall of Justice

ThPA SA announces that, on the 2nd of August 2007, day Thursday, “ThPA SA” signed a Schedule Agreement for the Development of the Hall of Justice with the “FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS” and “THEMIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SA”.


The Schedule Agreement concerns the erection of a building extending on a surface of approximately 7,500 sq.m., with 3,000 sq.m. of underground areas (E/M, Filing Cabinets, Parking Lots), to host the Magistrate’s Court and the Police Court of Thessaloniki, within the boundaries of the site owned by ThPA SA.  “THEMIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SA” shall elaborate the Technical Design of the building and see to the issuing of the joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) by the Minister of Environment, Planning and Public Works and the Minister of Justice.


The project shall be put to Tender and shall be Supervised by ThPA SA, in accordance with the provisions (L. 1418/84, PD 319, etc), and then the estate shall be leased by ThPA SA to the Ministry of Justice (FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS). The building’s Operation and Maintenance cost shall burden the lease-holder (FUND FOR THE FINANCING OF JUDICIAL BUILDINGS).


The project shall be financed by ThPA SA. The total rent shall be decided upon based on the construction cost and the terrestrial zone usage cost (clear land).