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Port Of Thessaloniki: The Expansion Of Pier 6 Enters The Final Straight

By 05/09/2019March 8th, 2024Press Releases

Today, Wednesday 4 September 2019, ThPA SA and the Consortium  “HILL INTERNATIONAL N.V. – ROGAN ASSOCIATES S.A.” – signed the Contract for the “Update Study and Project Management (Project Management) for the Expansion of the Marine Works Infrastructure of Pier 6”, which is part of the Mandatory Enhancements, has a total cost of €180,000,000, was undertaken by ThPA SA and includes the construction of:

  • Construction of a new additional quay wall 460m long with an effective depth of at least -17,6m.
  • Construction of an additional yard area, at least 300 m wide, alongside the above new quay wall.
  • All the additional infrastructure work that is required for ensuring full operability of the new quay wall and the yard area.

According to the Contract, the overall duration of the project is set at 46 months and the Consortium will provide, under the supervision and final approval of THPA SA the following services:

a) Preparation and compilation of the Draft Detailed Design for the “Expansion of the Marine Works Infrastructure of Pier 6”, including the tender documents for the award of the construction of the project.

b) Project management and supervision of the construction of the above project.

The Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA SA, Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, who signed the contract on behalf of ThPA SA stated: “ThPA SA proceeds in a rapid pace to the implementation of the Mandatory Enhancements Programme, with the major project being the expansion of Pier 6. Our goal is to launch the construction works as soon as possible in order for the Port of Thessaloniki to obtain the infrastructure required to become an international transport hub for South-eastern Europe and the Balkans thus contributing decisively to the economic growth of Thessaloniki and the broader area.  At the same time, a strategic objective of ThPA SA is a programme which is currently in progress and aims at upgrading the company equipment and improving the quality and level of services provided”.

In his turn, the Vice-President of Hill and Managing Director for Southern Europe, Mr. Manolis Sigalas, stressed: “Upgrading the port infrastructure of Thessaloniki is an investment of major importance for the city of Thessaloniki which also encourages cross-border synergies in South-eastern Europe thus enhancing significantly the growth prospects in the broader area”. It’s a particular honour for all of us at Hill International to participate in such an ambitious project, and, together with the other members of the consortium, we are ready to work hard, in cooperation with ThPA SA executives and all stakeholders for its successful implementation”.

Photo 1: The Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA SA, Mr. Sotirios Theofanis

Photo 2: The Vice-President of Hill and Managing Director for Southern Europe, Mr.  Manolis Sigalas.

Photo 3:  The Managing Director and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Rogan Associates SA, Mr.  Antonis Mpoutatis.