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ThPA S.A. announces the purchase of two (2) new, specially designed STS Cranes (Ship To Shore Cranes) for the Port of Thessaloniki in order to further increase its competitive geographical advantage for intermodal transports to and from South East Europe. With the acquisition of the new equipment, ThPA S.A. will be able to directly serve main liner container vessels by providing reliable, modern, and competitive services.

The acquisition of the two (2) STS Cranes, with a total value of € 15.675.000, a maximum lifting capacity of 65 tons and 50 tons in twin-lift mode and in single-lift mode respectively, from the world leader in manufacturing and delivery of Port Equipment, is part of the Mandatory Enhancements undertaken by ThPA S.A. based on the Concession Agreement with the Greek State.

The new equipment enables the Port of Thessaloniki to directly serve main liner vessels, with a capacity of over 10,000 TEUs (New Panamax) and expected to be delivered in fully functional and operational capacity at the Container Terminal of the port, during the 1st quarter of 2022. With the new equipment, the service level provided is substantially upgraded and the speed of customer service of the Port of Thessaloniki is significantly improved.

The Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A. Athanasios Liagkos stated: “The implementation of the equipment modernization program is part of the overall Investment Plan of ThPA S.A. and is launched with absolute consistency and at a fast pace so that the Port of Thessaloniki leads the development of intermodal transports to and from Southeastern Europe, whilst attracting main liner vessels. We serve our customers with three-fold devotion to innovation, safety and growth in our areas of responsibility”.

The Managing Director – CEO of ThPA S.A. Franco Nicola Cupolo stated: “The Port of Thessaloniki, with the purchase of the two new exclusively designed STS Cranes enters into a new era. The new equipment optimizes the service levels of container handling, doubles the production capacity of the Container Terminal, and significantly improves the port’s competitiveness”.

Photo of similar STS Cranes

Photo of similar STS Cranes