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Press Release 12.11.2020 – Establishment of dry port in Bulgaria from ThPA S.A.

ThPA S.A. announces that, in the context of the implementation of its strategy for the further development of the Port of Thessaloniki and the enhancement of its role as a Gateway for the wider region, the establishment of a subsidiary based in Sofia, Bulgaria and named “ThPA Sofia Ead” was completed today, Thursday, 12th of November 2020. ThPA Sofia Ead shall expand the hinterland and improve the connectivity of the Port of Thessaloniki. The intermodal terminal (dry port) based in Iliyantsi, Sofia will be linked by train directly to the Port of Thessaloniki, providing competitive transit times and costs. The new dry port aims to become an important trade hub and a modern development center, which will be linked by train with a range of dry ports in South-Eastern, Eastern and Central Europe, playing a decisive role in strengthening the export activities of a wide range of businesses.

The Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A. Athanasios Liagkos, stated: “ThPA S.A. continues to implement its strategy consistently and at a rapid pace. The dry port in Sofia is indeed a particularly important historical as well as development milestone for the Port of Thessaloniki. It is the first dry port from a series of similar ones that we will create in the wider Balkan region. Our goal is none other than the development and offering of reliable, modern and competitive intermodal services to our customers and the important contribution of our Company in shaping the conditions for the growth of our country”.