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Press Release 14.04.2020 – Prevention and protection measures for COVID-19 from ThPA S.A.

ThPA S.A. addressing promptly the criticality of the situation due to the spread of COVID-19, responded in a quick and timely manner to the recommendations of the State and the Health Authorities, taking all the necessary measures to ensure both safeguarding the Public Health and the protection of all its employees, customers and external parties involved in ThPA SA activities. At the same time, the Company ensured the smooth operational and supply chain services that accomplished through the Port of Thessaloniki.

Through monitoring carefully the developments, ThPA S.A. demonstrates responsibility and consistency to the instructions issued by competent authorities and the scientific community, thus tangibly supporting the National Health System in the fight against COVID-19, in a coherent way.

In this context, some of the prevention and protection measures taken by the Company since the early beginning of the crisis are:

  • Temporary suspension of all business trips.
  • Business and corporate meetings performed through teleconferences.
  • Meetings with third parties in the Company’s headquarters take place only in exceptional cases and with strict implementation of the prevention and protection measures.
  • Disinfection of the Company’s premises (offices, workshops, gates, equipment etc.) every 10 days.
  • Supply of sanitary products to all the employees (antiseptic liquids and tissues, single use gloves, medical masks etc.
  • Information emails on a regular basis, to all the employees, in order to keep them informed for the prevention and protection measures applied by the Company.
  • Instructions for additional precautionary measures to all employees who are interacting with traders (cashiers, office workers, etc.) for continuous use of protecting gloves replacing them several times throughout the day.
  • Posting of the information leaflets issued by the Ministry of Health, which provide detailed description of the general protection measures against COVID-19 (e.g. correct way of hand washing, use and removal of gloves etc.) in prominent places of the Port facilities.
  • Encourage of telework, where possible, by providing employees with the necessary equipment and special purpose leaves, ensuring employees’ remuneration in full.

Remaining committed to the principles and values of the Company, we consistently adhere to our commitments and obligations and contribute collectively, Employees and Management, to the highest possible extend, with hope and confidence for the “next day” of the crisis.