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A delegation of the Governing Board of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (PADEE/WHIA) led by its President, State Senator of Rhode Island, USA, Leonidas Raptakis, visited ThPA S.A. today. The delegation was also joined by Nicole Klarides – Ditria, Alternate Board Member, Connecticut State Congresswoman, USA, Katerina Theophanous, Alternate Board Member, Australia, Vangelis Doules, Board Member, Member of Parliament, Tirana, Albania, and Esther Passaris, Member of Parliament, Kenya, Nairobi Country. The delegation was accompanied by the President of the Special Standing Committee Abroad the Diaspora of the Hellenic Parliament, Member of Parliament of the political party of “Nea Dimokratia” elected at the 2nd Constituency of Thessaloniki, Savvas Anastasiadis.

The Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, the Managing Director – Chief Executive Officer of ThPA S.A., Franco Nicola Cupolo and other Executives of ThPA S.A. participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, which was held in an excellent atmosphere, the Executive Management of ThPA S.A. presented the Port’s Investment Plan, the infrastructure development projects currently underway, the implementation of the upgrading of equipment and services and the developments in the cruise sector in the Port of Thessaloniki. A tour of the port’s facilities followed.

The President of PADEE/WHIA, State Senator of Rhode Island, USA, Leonidas Raptakis noted: “Today’s visit to the Port of Thessaloniki was particularly important. Being here, meeting directly with the Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A. and touring the port shows the crucial role that Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis, Kavala and Igoumenitsa play in the economic development of the Region of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and all of Greece. Due to the geopolitical issues that have arisen with Ukraine, Thessaloniki and the other ports of Northern Greece have been upgraded to ports that will be the future of Eastern Europe and perhaps the whole of Europe. As legislators, elected in our home countries, it is very important that we return to bring our experience to our colleagues and government officials, explaining to them the importance of the Port of Thessaloniki and the investments that are being implemented in the Port.”

The Executive Chairman of the BoD of ThPA S.A., Mr. Thanos Liagkos, stressed: “I express my admiration for your efforts as ambassadors of the country’s values, as supporters of Hellenism. For the effort you are making to convey to all your fellow citizens of the Hellenic Diaspora that Greece is progressing, developing and evolving at a rapid pace, citing as a striking example the significant upgrade of the ranking of the Port of Thessaloniki in the global port industry and the supply chain sector and the strengthening of the leading role of the port in global trade.