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Following the creation of the first dry port in Sofia, Bulgaria and in the context of improving the connectivity of the Port of Thessaloniki, the first train from the Port of Thessaloniki to the dry port in Sofia, Bulgaria departed this morning, Friday, 27th of November 2020. The itinerary with a total duration of 16 hours, is the beginning of the pilot phase of this service, which will last until mid-January 2021 and during which the connection and the various services provided will be refined to perfection. Weekly departures and arrivals will follow between Thessaloniki Port and the Dry Port in Sofia, in fixed dates and hours, offering stability and efficiency to the market.

The Managing Director – CEO of ThPA S.A. Franco Nicola Cupolo, stated: “Port of Thessaloniki is committed to developing the strategic Intermodal Rail connection in the Balkans beginning today with direct rail connectivity to Sofia, Bulgaria ThPA S.A. Dry Port with reliable and efficient service, itineraries and costs. The regular connection on a weekly basis between the port of Thessaloniki and the Dry Port in Sofia, will increase the competitiveness of the port and will contribute significantly to the Local, National and South-Eastern European economy, by strengthening the import and export activity”.

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