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Business Developments – Agreement to Lease offices by THPA S.A. from a related party, following a relevant decision of the Board of Directors. (Announcement of approval of a transaction with a related party pursuant to article no. 101, Law 4548/2018)

The Board of Directors of «Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.» (thereon «ThPA S.A.» or «the Company»), announces that on the 29.09.2020 Meeting, it was decided to grant a special license in accordance with article 100 οf law 4548/2018, for the preparation of a lease contract with the Private Limited Liability Company with the name «DIMERA LAND & PROPERTY INVESTMETS LTD» based in Nicosia Cyprus.

The agreement relates to the rental of the 7th floor on Panepistimiou Street in Athens for office use, an area of 340 sq.m., for a monthly price of € 6.630 (net value), for a period of 9 years, in order to further pursue corporate targets and optimally promote the activities of the Company. The lease agreement will be signed immediately after the expiration of 10 days from the publication of the present announcement, accompanied by the relevant Fairness Opinion from the Independent Chartered Auditor Accountant – readily available to the web site of the Company – which assesses the fairness and reasonable of the transaction for the Company and the shareholders who are not a related party under article 101 par.1.

The shares of «DIMERA LAND & PROPERTY INVESTMETS LTD» are 100% owned by the company «Belterra Holdings Limited» based in Cyprus, which is 100% owned by «Belterra Investments Limited» based in Cyprus, which owns 30% of the shares of «Melbery Investments Ltd», based in Cyprus, which owns 67% of the shares of «South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki (SEGT) Ltd», based in Cyprus, which owns 67% of «THPA S.A.».

Independent Auditor’s Fairness Opinion