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By 04/02/2014Company

The contemporary history of the various organizations who have had the task of Management and Exploitation of the port of Thessaloniki starts in the year 1904, when the newly established French company «Société Anonyme Ottomane de Construction et Exploitation du Port de Salonique» assumes the exploitation of the port installations which it was to construct for the next 40 years, until the year 1944.

In 1914 (Law 390/1914, ΦΕΚ 342Α /17-2-1914) the Greek Government establishes the Public Entity under the name «Thessaloniki Free Zone», which takes over the management of the largest section of the port, having as its main authority the loading/unloading and transfer of cargoes, with private means and personnel. The operations start in the year 1925.

In 1923, the Yugoslav Free Zone of the port of Thessaloniki is established in order to provide services to for the Yugoslav transit trade, and it takes over the Management of a section of the port of Thessaloniki (pier 2 and land area behind it), which started its operation in 1929 and was terminated in 1975.

In 1930 (Law 4463/24-1-1930), the Public Entity “Thessaloniki Port Fund” is established having as its main goal the construction of new and maintenance of existing installations. The “Thessaloniki Port Fund” buys out the right of exploitation of the installations of the port from «Société Anonyme Ottomane de Construction et Exploitation du Port de Salonique», a right which was to expire in 1944.

In 1953, with the Legislative Decree 2551/26-8-1953, (Official Government Gazette Publication ΦΕΚ 229 Α’) the Board of the Free Zone and the Port Fund were merged into a single Organization, the Public Entity under the name “Free Zone and Port of Thessaloniki”.

In 1970, with the Legislative Decree 449/1970, (Official Government Gazette Publication ΦΕΚ 51 Α’) the jurisdiction of the PLC “Free Zone and Port of Thessaloniki” is revised and supplemented, while the latter is renamed into “Thessaloniki Port Authority”.

In 1999 (law 2688/99, Official Government Gazette Publication ΦΕΚ 40Α’) the Public Entity «Thessaloniki Port Authority» is incorporated into a societe anonyme, operating under the name “Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.” and the mark designation “THPA S.A.”.