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New Board of Directors of ThPA S.A.

The Postponed Annual General Meeting took place today Monday July 12, 2021, via teleconference, approved the election of new Board of Directors (BoD) with a 5-year tenure. The new Board of Directors constituted in a body and defined its executive and non-executive members on the same day.

The composition of the new Board of Directors of ThPA S.A. is the following:

  1. Athanasios Liagkos, Executive Chairman of the BoD
  2. Laurent Martens, non-executive member, Vice Chairman of the BoD
  3. Franco Nicola Cupolo, executive member, Managing Director maintaining the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  4. Artur Davidian, executive member, maintaining the position of Chief Investments Officer
  5. Fu Baiqiao (Leon), non-executive member
  6. Angelos Vlachos, non-executive member
  7. Panayiotis Michalopoulos, independent non-executive member
  8. Angeliki Samara, independent non-executive member
  9. Eirini Chadiari, independent non-executive member