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Composition of the Board of Directors & Audit Committee

Following the decision of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of «ThPA S.A.» on the 30th of June 2020, for the election of the Board of Directors-BoD, the new members were elected. The new members of the BoD, in the Meeting on the 30th of June 2020, defined its executive and non-executive members with a 5 year tenure and elected also the members of the Audit Committee:
The new composition of the BoD is the following:

  1. Athanasios Liagkos, Chairman of the BoD, executive member
  2. Boris Wenzel, Deputy Chairman of the BoD, non-executive member
  3. Franco Nicola Cupolo, Managing Director-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), executive member
  4. Artur Davidian, Chief Investments Officer, executive member
  5. Alexander-Wilhelm von Mellenthin, non-executive member
  6. Sotirios Theofanis, non-executive member
  7. Angelos Vlachos, non-executive member
  8. Fu Baiqiao (Leon), non-executive member
  9. Panayiotis Alevras, independent, non-executive member
  10. Panayiotis Michalopoulos, independent, non-executive member


The General Meeting appointed as members of the Audit Committee of ThPA SA the following:

  • Panayiotis Michalopoulos, Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Angelos Vlachos, member
  • Panayiotis Alevras, member