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Presentation to corporate planners

Within the context of OLTH S.A.’s obligation to inform the corporate planners, before the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders, a presentation to the corporate planners was made on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, at 16.00p.m., at the conference room of the company’s Board of Directors, Pier A’ of the Port of Thessaloniki, by the company’s managers, Mr. A. Grigoriadis, General Manager of Port Operations, and Mrs. A. Voska, General Manager of Administration and Finance.


During the presentation, a reference was made to the company’s activities, to the strategic position of the Port and its comparative advantages compared to the ports of the Balkans and of the European Union, to the designed and under-materialization investments of the company, as well as to the statistic elements and financial data of OLTH S.A, which are evaluated as satisfactory for the fiscal year 2006, taking into account the unexpected events that took place at the end of the fiscal year, i.e. the mobilization of the employees during the last bimester of 2006, due to the procedures related to the investigation of the possibility to cede the Container Terminal to private suppliers of port services.


As regards fiscal year 2007, the forecasts of the company are particularly positive.